Puma hunting pocket knife 4 pieces

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219,99  - 249,99 


1x professional resharpening included



Puma Solingen

Blade length

Length closed

10.8 cm


190 g


On both sides

Blade material

1.4110 - forged

Blade hardness

55-57 Rockwell

Handle material


Leather case

, ,

Manufacturer Art.-No.


  • Recycling packaging of knives
Made in Solingen. This article is manufactured in Solingen. Made in Solingen. This article is manufactured in Solingen.



  • Handcraft with the highest precision
  • Forged from one piece of steel
  • Stainless high-performance steel 1.4110
  • Back locking ensures safe Work

Puma hunting pocket knife 4 pieces 

The 4-part Puma hunting pocket knife has four strong and solid tools to offer. In addition to the blade made of stainless steel 1.4110, a double-toothed saw, a pry blade and a practical corkscrew are also available. The booklet is classically equipped with brass plates, nickel silver cheeks and selected staghorn shells. Finally, a tried and tested back lock reliably locks the blade in place after opening. This high-quality pocket knife is carefully handcrafted in Solingen.

In addition to this knife, you can choose between different leather cases.


Sharpening voucher

With the purchase of this Puma hunting pocket knife, we are giving you a free voucher card for professional sharpening. 

Since even the best knives lose their sharpness over time and even with optimal storage and use, the process can only be slowed down but not prevented, the knife should be re-sharpened. if the blade is already too blunt, re-sharpening with a normal sharpening steel is no longer sufficient. With our sharpening voucher you have the opportunity to have your Puma hunting pocket knife professionally sharpened. In the Wasserkraft Manufaktur in Solingen Wipperkotten your knife will be brought to a new sharpness. All further information can be found on your voucher card and on our Grinding service.




Puma has been a company that has dedicated itself to manufacturing high quality knives since 1769. The range includes many different knives such as hunting knives, sport knives, fishing knives and leisure knives. Puma is headquartered in the so-called “City of blades” Solingen. After all, Solingen is known for its high quality knives, scissors and cutlery. The knives are made with the best materials and therefore also with optimal processing. Puma combines traditional production with modern expertise. The name Puma now stands for the highest quality and knife-edge know-how.

9 reviews for Puma hunting pocket knife 4 pieces

  1. Stephen W -

    Swift service. Decent pocket knife. German solidarity. Nice matching leather pouch.

  2. Joseph -

    Very high quality - I recommend it 👍

  3. Karsten -

    Knives as described, I would buy them again at any time!

  4. Ralph -

    Messer is 1A - OK, I also expected the quality - and I'm looking forward to the first use!

    Best regards - and I'll use the Schärf voucher when I've cut wild boar into a few pieces, because that's when it is
    Experience has shown that the splendor is over quickly 🙂

  5. Maik -

    Just awesome, very good workmanship and useful for every hunt.

  6. Günther -

    Every hunter should own such a knife, good workmanship, best quality.
    I also ordered a knife pouch for a four-part knife, a bit scarce but very good quality.
    Over time, the leather will stretch a bit.
    Otherwise everything tip top very good provider.

  7. Michael -

    Best quality! As expected.

  8. Christian -

    The hunting pocket knives from Hartkopf, Otter and Puma are of very high quality and finely processed.
    I like you very much.
    I can only recommend.

  9. Raphael -

    Absolute craftsmanship from Puma. Quality is at its finest. This is a hunting pocket knife which I will also pass on to my sons.

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