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    Hunting pocket knife

      A fully functional and sharp hunting pocket knife is part of the equipment of every hunter. This makes work in your own area much easier. Depending on the task, the different pocket knives from Solingen are ideal. For this reason, the online shop of Messervertrieb Rottner offers many variants of hunting pocket knives. Due to their high quality, these are perfect for cutting or skinning rabbits, wild boars or deer.

    From the classic knife with stag horn to the modern folding knife

    The Solingen hunting pocket knives are available in a wide variety of variants and shapes. Companies such as Puma, Hartkopf or Hubertus have numerous pocket knives for hunting with various blade shapes in their range. Each one is of high quality and has a robust handle that is ergonomically shaped depending on the model. As a result, the hunter's loyal companion lies optimally and securely in the hand. The online shop of Messervertrieb Rottner offers the right hunting pocket knife for every need. The particular advantage of these designs is their flexibility and handiness because the blade can be folded in. This allows the knives to be stowed in a space-saving and blade-friendly manner. Due to the locking, the handling security in the open state is just as given as with a stationary knife. In addition, hunting pocket knives from Solingen are usually equipped with several blades or tools. This has the advantage that you no longer have to take a large number of knives with you. A hunting pocket knife has everything you need for a successful trip into the forest. In addition to the typical hunting blade, a corkscrew, a pry blade and a double-toothed saw are often installed. Buy Puma hunting pocket knife 4-piece at Messervertrieb Rottner

    Large selection and free advice

    In the online shop of Messervertrieb Rottner you will find classic models with handles made of deer horn or wood. These are not only high quality and robust, but also very stylish. Hunting knives with modern scales such as the extremely resistant Micarta are also available.

    Perfectly equipped for every situation

    As a hunter, you need a loyal companion that you can rely on. You have made the right choice with a hunting pocket knife from Solingen. You can find the knives, which are handcrafted in high quality, in our online shop. The combination of a rustproof blade and a handle made of robust handle scales ensures that the hunting pocket knife is particularly durable. Due to the excellent workmanship, the knife blade stays sharp for a long time. If necessary, the blades can also be sharpened yourself. So that you always have your hunting pocket knife from Solingen to hand, you can purchase a case made of hard-wearing saddle leather with most knives. These are available in different versions and allow you to attach the knife to the equipment.

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