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    Body care products from Solingen

    A beautiful appearance and a neat appearance also include well-groomed nails. A regular one manicure is therefore recommended, but also the pedicure shouldn't be neglected. This is a high quality Nail scissors from Solingen the ideal tool for shortening nails and shaping them. Also a Solingen nail clippers can be particularly suitable for gentle nail care on brittle nails.

    Choosing the right scissors

    In order to be able to cut the toenails or fingernails carefully and gently, you need particularly sharp scissors that lie comfortably in the hand and are not too big. For the personal hygiene There are therefore various scissors from Solingen that are suitable for a manicure or pedicure particularly suitable. Nail scissors from Niegeloh are characterized, for example, by their sharp cutting edge and filigree workmanship. The blades are precisely sharpened to allow you to cut your nails just as carefully. These scissors are mostly made of stainless steel, but titanium nail scissors are also available, which eliminate the need to sharpen nail scissors. In the online shop of Knife sales Rottner you will find professional nail scissors of high quality that are durable and robust. Nail scissors are also available in various designs. Since the scissors for a manicure are always shaped in the direction of the cut, specially designed nail scissors are available for right and left-handers. If you don't just want to take care of your nails, but also your cuticles, you will probably also need a special one Cuticle scissors from Solingen or one Skin clippers. These are characterized by the fact that they have a narrower and finer point, with which you can ideally cut off small protruding pieces of skin. Thanks to the special production of the Cuticle scissors from the Solingen knife manufacture the risk of injury is particularly low. For those who prefer to keep their nail care simple, there are also combined cuticle and nail scissors that allow you to snow your nails as well as your skin. Furthermore, the special ones are of the same high quality Solingen baby scissors available. These have a rounded tip so that even delicate and restless baby hands cannot be injured when cutting nails.

    Nail nippers or nail clippers?

    At Knife sales Rottner In the online shop you will not only find high-quality scissors for cutting skin and nails, but also stable and durable ones Nail clippers and Nail nippers from Solingen. A nail clipper ensures that a complete part of the nail is gently clipped. With a professionally processed nail clipper from Solingen, nails can be shortened without breaking off. This is because the pressure is evenly distributed over the nail when it is clipped and there is no one-sided load as with nail scissors. Nail clippers are also symmetrically shaped and not like one, for example Left handed scissors specially designed. For minor corrections to the nails, nail scissors should also be used, as nail clippers cannot be guided so finely. If you have very thick and strong nails, you will find a particularly stable one Nail nippers from Solingen for a manicure or pedicure. Such nail nippers have wedge cutters instead of shear cutters and have longer plier arms to allow greater leverage. These two advantages make it possible to cut off strong nails with comparatively little force.

    Be fully equipped with nail sets

    Who is not alone on a single Nail scissors want to leave can in the online shop of Knife sales Rottner also Cases find, which allow a full equipment for the nail care. These sets contain high-quality nail scissors as well as nail and skin nippers. In addition, you get sets in which there are additional Tweezers from Solingen to complete your nail set. For example, small foreign bodies such as splinters or thorns can be pulled out of the skin precisely and gently. You will receive all available products in the area of personal hygiene of course also individually. If you are not sure which scissors are right for your needs, please do not hesitate to contact our support. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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