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    Meat knife from Solingen

    The Meat knife or Ham knife called with its long, slim and sharp blade is not only predestined and popular for slicing ham. It is also ideal for carving other meat and fish. Its blade glides precisely through firmer as well as more tender meat and you can create tender, thin slices as well as cubes or strips, depending on your preference. With good care, the knife will retain its cut resistance for a long time. You always get a cut result that meets the requirements of both the domestic and professional catering kitchens to the highest degree. The online shop of Messervertrieb Rottner offers you a selection of top knives from various Solingen brand manufacturers.

    Professional meat knives for excellent preparation

    Every connoisseur's mouth is watering when it comes to beef, lamb, chicken or pork. High-quality products help with cutting and carving Meat knife from Solingen, which are characterized by a long and durable blade. The masterful cutting tools not only ensure a sharp cut, but also ensure particularly hygienic preparation of quickly perishable foods from meat. At the front, the high-quality steel blade is slightly curved and has a point that is well suited for lifting thin pieces of meat and ham. But sausage can also be excellently portioned with it and delights every palate at a buffet.

    Sharp ham knives from Solingen for cooking oases

    Ham knife butcher knife Rottner Solingen A meat knife is not only good for cutting steaks, chops, knuckles and fillets, it is also good for ham and bacon Solingen kitchen knife just the right choice. The ergonomic handle, which can be made with or without rivets, lies very securely in the hand and enables comfortable cutting with the sharp blade. With a meat knife, passionate cooks can also cut fine fibers very easily. You can also use it to cut a roast into perfect slices and pamper your guests. Solingen knife for meat are an absolute must at every barbecue, where different types of meat can be cut perfectly.

    Helpful carving knife for handsome meat preparation

    First class meat knife and carving knife Felix Solingen When carving meat, a knife for meat is an absolute must in the kitchen alongside poultry shears. This makes it easy to separate the legs, wings and carcass from one another and offer them to guests in bite-sized portions. Thanks to a smooth blade, care is also one of them Carving knife very easy as it can only be cleaned with water and washing-up liquid. You should not clean it in the dishwasher, otherwise the blade can quickly become blunt. It's best to dry it Kitchen knives for meat after cleaning with a microfiber cloth and can use it directly for the next use.

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