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    Fishing knife

    The right equipment

    Is fishing your hobby? Are you a sport fisherman? Then you don't just need the right equipment to catch the fish. Tools that make it easy to take care of the catch later on are also particularly important for you. To do this, offer Fishing knife that have been specially made for this task.

    Weighing and gutting

    If you don't want to throw your fish back into the water immediately after catching them, you need the right knives for recycling. The size and weight of the catch is particularly important for anglers or anyone interested in general. It is not necessary to have a classic scale with you when fishing. With a balance knife from Solingen, the weight of the fish can be determined quickly and easily. A robust scale knife from Puma makes it possible to stun, kill and weigh the fish directly. So it's a real all-rounder among them Fishing knives. Weighing is very easy thanks to the leather strap supplied. This brings the knife into balance. The scale on the blade then shows you the weight of the hooked fish. You can read off a weight of up to 2 kg. Buy Puma scales from Messervertrieb Rottner Angelmesser The sharp blade of the knife allows the fish to be killed safely and quickly. Previously, you can use the fish killer at the end of the Fishing knife the catch will be stunned. A targeted cut through the gill arch kills the animal quickly and painlessly. If you want to gouge the catch directly on site, you can use this blade to cut open the animal's belly. The innards of a fish should not be damaged as much as possible. So it's best to use a sharp, pointy knife and get the cut right.

    Fishing knife shapes

    Other knife shapes are available, for example, as pocket knives for fishing. The advantage is that different types of blades can be built into just one knife. This means that you always have everything you need with you when fishing. A fish scaler is used to cleanly remove the scales from the catch. A hook release may be necessary if the fish hook has been swallowed completely. With this tool, the hook can be safely removed without damaging the fish meat. All Fishing knife, which you can find in the online shop of Messervertrieb Rottner, are characterized by their high quality workmanship. Even after frequent use, the Solingen residents remain Fishing knife long sharp or can be easily resharpened. The blades are forged from stainless steel, so that you benefit from the excellent quality of the knives even when used on or in the water.

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