about us

1st generation - Karl Rottner 1939

Grinder at various Solingen cutlery manufacturers

2nd generation - Kurt Rottner 1973

Grinder at various Solingen cutlery manufacturers

3rd generation - Peter Rottner 1994

Toolmaker for suppliers to the cutlery industry


4th generation - Niklas Rottner 2015

Founder and owner of Messervertrieb Rottner

Our promise to you

Knife sales Rottner stands for the best quality cutlery from Solingen. No matter whether you are a hobby chef, hunter or outdoor fan, everyone should find what they are looking for thanks to our diverse range of knives. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have individual requests. We are in close contact with many knife manufacturers from Solingen, so that we can find a solution together!

How it all started

It started with a few old knives from various Solingen knife manufacturers that my grandfather gave me in the hope that I could use them to improve my pocket money. My grandfather (Kurt Rottner can be seen in the picture above) was a grinder at various knife manufacturers such as Puma, RSG and W√ľsthof. I found it interesting how my grandpa explained to me how complex it was to make a real Solingen knife. I was enthusiastic about the passion with which he explained to me the individual steps that a knife has to go through in order to be of such high quality in the end. I ended up selling my grandfather's old knives through my father's Ebay account. After a short time all knives were sold, so I looked for a way to get new knives. I asked knife manufacturers in Solingen whether it was possible to sell their products. The Solingen companies reacted very openly and gave me their permission to sell their products. After this success, shortly after graduating from high school in 2015, I founded my own company, Messervertrieb Rottner. I had finally achieved my goal. I managed to share the passion that is in handcrafted Solingen knives with people from all over the world. During my training as an industrial clerk, I tried to expand my company by agreeing with other Solingen companies to sell their products. After my apprenticeship, I was able to dedicate myself wholeheartedly to my company again. With the help of the Solingen advertising agency Aweos, I created this online shop in which a lot of effort was put in order to be able to offer my customers an optimal shopping experience.


I would like to thank my grandpa in particular, who lovingly taught me the passion for knives and the history of Solingen cutlery. A big thank you also goes to my father, who actively supported me in all my projects and of course I would also like to thank you as a potential customer who helps to preserve this longstanding tradition.

Many Thanks!
Niklas Rottner


From grandpa's pocket money idea to a successful company

FOM student Niklas Rottner supplies customers worldwide - the 24-year-old entrepreneur now sells Solingen steel goods worldwide through his own online shop and is studying "Management & Digitization" at the FOM University in D√ľsseldorf while working.

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Solinger is expanding its online knife shop

Niklas Rottner from Solingen is 24 years old and is continuously expanding his online shop. With now 20 different Solingen manufacturers, Niklas Rottner presents the Solingen cutlery variety like no other with his online shop.



Solingen cutlery - KNIFE-SHARP SHIPPING

Not all knives are the same. With his online shop of the same name, Niklas Rottner sells so many different Solingen cutlery like no other.

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CORONA: "Information on international dispatch of goods"

In Corona times, parcels often do not arrive at their destination. Especially those that are sent abroad. Depending on the country of destination, some parcels are not accepted at all.

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"A modern shop for great knives"

 Niklas Rottner is constantly expanding his online knife sales and is tackling a dual degree in autumn.

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Solinger founds online knife shop

Niklas Rottner from Solingen is 23 years old and is currently revolutionizing the knife market. In fact, there has not yet been an online trade that offers all of the well-known Solingen knives. And then Niklas thought: What the Solingen manufacturers can't do, he'll do.



Niklas Rottner sells Solingen knives on the Internet

The 23-year-old Niklas Rottner offers classic Solingen steel goods for sale on his homepage. He already has customers all over the world.

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Young entrepreneur sells knives

It all started with a couple of knives that Niklas Rottner found in his grandfather's cellar. His grandfather was a grinder at the time and still had a few real Solingen treasures ...

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