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    Tomato knife

    When cutting tomatoes, especially into thin, smooth slices, you often run into problems when using a normal kitchen knife. The smoothly ground blade likes to slide off the smooth surface of the tomato. Or the tomato may be crushed by the pressure when cutting into it. The Tomato knife prevents these problems due to its specially designed design. In contrast to conventional knives, its cutting edge has a fine saw toothing that takes a foothold in the tomato skin and cuts it through without great pressure and thus without crushing the tomato. Of course that is suitable Tomato knife also for cutting other vegetables and fruits. A tomato knife is especially useful when there is a risk of crushing when using a conventional knife. Solingen Felix tomato knife

    The special touch

    The saw teeth on knife blades, known today as serrated edges, were first patented by William Grant in 1930 and later developed into what is known as serrated edges by the Solingen knife manufacturer Franz Güde. He can be found except at the Tomato knives also with other knives such as the bread knife. The special cut means that the blade is rarely sharpened. However, if re-sharpening is necessary at some point after long and frequent use, this requires a little more than the simple use of a whetstone or sharpening rod. As we work closely with Solingen knife manufacturers, we will be happy to contact you and ensure that your knife is sharpened again by a professional grinder.

    Top quality from Solingen

    The online shop of Messervertrieb Rottner offers you an extensive range of high-quality kitchen knives. In which of course a good one Tomato knife from Solingen should not be missing. Here you have a selection of different blade lengths from 9 to around 15 cm as well as different blade shapes. Rounded, pointed or with a forked tip (cheese pike). The blades are held in a handle made of either wood or high-quality plastic and lie ideally in the hand. As with all of our knives, we work closely with experienced knife manufacturers from Solingen. We therefore guarantee you consistently high top quality in material and workmanship.

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