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    Steak knife Solingen - impressive sharpness

    Flavorful rib-eye steak, classic T-bone steak and hearty porterhouse steak – for lovers of good taste, a good steak is a truly heavenly treat. In order for the special piece of beef to turn out well, the right preparation is the be-all and end-all. Above all, this begins and ends with the right tool. The most important equipment therefore includes a sharp carving knife, a high-quality wooden cutting board and an exquisite steak knife or steak cutlery. We have known about it for 4 generations Knife sales Rottner appreciate the unique qualities of a steak knife from Solingen. The impressive value and the incomparable functionality of the professional steak knives characterize the cutlery from the traditional manufactories of the knife city of Solingen and leave no doubt about the craftsmanship of the knife smiths. If you are looking for a steak knife that will accompany you for many years with the best cutting properties, our selection of professional steak knives from Solingen is just right for you. Discover our range now and browse through our online shop at your leisure.

    What is a steak knife?

    A steak knife is one of the special kitchen knives and is made to cut meat precisely and precisely and to portion it during preparation. First and foremost, however, a steak knife from Solingen is used as a traditional cutlery and makes the difference at the table when it comes to enjoying the meat specialty properly. You can recognize a steak knife from Solingen by its filigree blade, the tip of which curves slightly upwards. The blade comes either smooth or with a serrated edge. In terms of shape and workmanship, the Solingen steak knife is similar to a kitchen knife, because it is made of the same robust materials and is characterized by its ideal cut resistance and sharpness. The steak knives from a knife manufacturer in Solingen can be easily sharpened and thus retain their excellent functionality for a particularly long time. Professional steak knives are available with both a smooth blade and a serrated blade. The saw cut ensures that the meat is sawed instead of cut. Even when dealing with stringy or tough meat, even less force is required than with a sharp, smooth-bladed steak knife. However, this has the advantage that it glides gently through the meat with a high level of sharpness and can also be easily resharpened by laypeople. In the case of a serrated edge, the help of a specialist is more in demand here.

    Why choose a steak knife from Solingen?

    Anyone who likes to prepare a steak at home also needs the right tool for this. When a steak is cooked to perfection, you need a very sharp but handy steak knife that allows you to cut the meat smoothly without crushing the fibers or using great force. The normal table knife is usually not sufficient for this. Using a sharp chef's knife at the table as cutlery is usually problematic and unwieldy. A special steak knife from Solingen therefore combines the properties of an ordinary chef's knife with a table knife, so that a steak can be cut perfectly into bite-sized pieces. Steak knives glide effortlessly through the juicy meat with their sharp blade and allow clean cutting. Steak knives from Solingen also have an ergonomic handle so that they are comfortable to hold and easy to use.

    This is what you can expect from steak knives from Solingen

    Which variation of a steak knife you choose depends on your personal preferences. The handles of the Solingen steak knives, which you can find in the Messervertrieb Rottner online shop, are all robust and feel good in the hand, regardless of whether you choose a knife with a wooden handle or another material. Be inspired by our selection of steak knives from Solingen. With us you will find a large selection of kitchen knives. How about a steak knife from Solingen from the Güde Alpha Fasseiiche knife series? In cooperation with star chef Harald Rüssel, the traditional manufacturer combines the high art of blacksmithing with fine wood and creates steak knives that are second to none. The handle shell consists of 80 year old oak wine barrels and is therefore almost indestructible. But the manufacturer's classic professional steak knives from Solingen are also impressive. Güde uses selected chrome-vanadium-molybdenum knife steel for the blades and forges his steak knives from Solingen from a single piece. Steak knives from Solingen by Carl Mertens from the Country series come with a 12 cm long blade and impress with their impressive sharpness, which ensures that the steak knife cuts through the meat like butter without tearing a single fiber. As with Güde, the blades consist of one piece of chrome-molybdenum-vanadium steel. The sharpness is achieved by honing on a ceramic disc with an angle of 14° on each side. Smoked oak handles, among other things, give the steak knife from Solingen the finishing touch. The FELIX First Class Wood steak knife is just as remarkable. FELIX GMBH SOLINGEN is one of the oldest knife manufacturers in the world. The knives that are made there impress with their uniqueness, which is unparalleled in terms of quality, function and design. They are among the best handcrafted knives in the world. The blades guarantee flexibility, corrosion resistance and high edge retention thanks to the even and dense grain structure. The handle is made of olive wood, which gives the steak knife a very special touch and natural beauty. These were just a few examples of our selection of steak knives, which could hardly be of higher quality. Discover the entire variety of our online shop now.

    Order selected steak knives from Solingen from Messervertrieb Rottner

    You can order steak knives from Solingen of the highest quality from us with free shipping within Germany from a purchase value of 50 €. With our shipping partner DHL, we ensure fast delivery within 2 to 4 working days. We are happy to offer you different payment methods, such as convenient purchase on account. If you have any questions about our steak knives from Solingen, just ask Contact up to us. We will take care of your concerns personally.

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