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    Professional chef's knife from Solingen

    Under a Chef's knife one understands an all-purpose knife with which one can cut, chop or weigh meat, vegetables and fish ideally. Due to these diverse areas of application, a professional Chef's knife from Solingen perfect as an all-rounder for the kitchen of professional and hobby cooks. In the assortment of the online shop of Messervertrieb Rottner you will find a wide variety of knives from Solingen that will meet your requirements.

    Features of chef's knives

    Compared to other kitchen knives are Chef's knife relatively heavy and have a fairly long blade. Despite the weight, the arm and hand are relieved when handled correctly. A high-quality knife from Solingen is made in such a way that it exerts pressure on the cut material with its own weight. It is therefore not necessary to use more force when chopping. Furthermore, the knife is well balanced and the point of equilibrium is exactly at the transition between the blade and the handle. The wide blade enables controlled cutting so that precise handling is not a problem. Due to the mostly slight bend of a knife, this knife shape is also ideal for weighing (fine chopping), for example, chives or herbs.

    Variants of chef's knives

    A Chef's knife is often used as an all-purpose knife. In practice, these knives can be used for many things. However, there are different variants that offer certain advantages and simplify the handling of a specific activity. How do the chef's knives differ? The classic one Chef's knife usually has a blade length of 16-26 cm. For correct handling, the blade is slightly curved and tapers towards the tip. Chef's knives from other regions therefore often differ in their blade shape. At a chinese chef's knife the blade is straight. The function of the knives remains basically the same. In addition, the variants of the chef's knife also differ in terms of the handle. In the online shop of Messervertrieb Rottner you can therefore find knives that differ in the shape of the blade and the materials used for the handle. Here you will find knives with handles made of wood, high-quality and easy-care plastic or other materials.

    Chinese chef's knife

    Popular chef's knives also include chinese chef's knife. The cut surface of this variant is usually not so strongly curved and the top forms a straight line to the handle. Such a knife is a nice addition for certain situations in the home kitchen, but you are adequately equipped with a conventional knife. Anyone on a chinese chef's knife If you don't want to do without, you will find various knives with the typical Asian blade shape in our shop. It is up to you whether you prefer a straight or a slightly curved blade shape. However, you should pay attention to the good cut resistance of all variants. If you have any further questions about our products, we are at your disposal. We would also be happy to help you find the ideal knife for your individual use.

    Professional chef's knife of the highest quality

    They stop for one Professional chef's knife Are you looking for a real all-rounder that will reliably help you with numerous kitchen tasks? Then discover our quality chef's knives made from genuine Solingen craftsmanship, which leave no doubt about the highest quality, and buy professional chef's knives from us. Manufactured in a complex manufacturing process, the chef's knives from Solingen will impress you with a precise and fluid cut in all areas. We only carry quality chef's knives well-known manufacturerswho know how to make professional chef's knives that are used by both hobby cooks and professionals. Discover now our selection of true all-rounders in the kitchen and see our shop of Knife sales Rottner the perfect professional chef's knife for your needs. Let us invite you to experience for yourself what the difference between a chef's knife and a chef's knife from Solingen makes you buy directly from us in the online shop.

    Find the perfect chef's knife "Made in Solingen"

    If you decide to buy a professional chef's knife that comes from one of the original Solingen manufacturers, you can count on one loyal everyday helper look forward to for many years. The selected chef's knives from well-known premium manufacturers such as Güde, Carl Mertens, Gehring, Wüsthof and many more high quality materials still handmade in numerous work steps and bring the best cutting and handling properties. Despite the long blade and the high weight, you hardly need any pressure when cutting, as this is already sufficient for the cutting surface to glide gently through the material to be cut. the innovative professional chef's knife convince with a unique balance point at the transition between blade and handle. Together with the wide blade and the ergonomically shaped handles made of exquisite wood, simple and precise guidance is possible. Even for weighing, to chop the finest herbs for culinary menus, the professional chef's knives cut a fine figure. The slightly curved blade, which narrows towards the tip, makes it possible for good chef's knives to be used for a wide variety of jobs first choice are and can fully exploit their qualities. In addition to the classics, Chinese chef's knives complete our selection, which are presented with a straight blade. With us you will find professional chef's knives with different blade shapes and materials that meet every requirement.

    Professional chef's knife for the special requirements made of Damascus steel

    Ours are particularly exclusive Damask knife as well most special professional chef's knife from Solingen, who enjoy great recognition and popularity worldwide. These works of art by true masters of their craft can be seen at the optically unique grain recognise, which also makes the kitchen and chef's knives a visual eye-catcher. During production, the professional chef's knife is made from multiple folding of the Damascus steel, which makes production particularly complex. The wide blade brings not only one extreme stability with, but shows up at the same time flexible, which makes cutting a real experience. The perfect guidance of the valuable chef's knife is child's play with a ergonomic handle, which consists of the finest, oiled wood. The pronounced sharpness makes this professional chef's knife a versatile kitchen and chef's knife, which you can buy from us from different Solingen manufacturers and in many different models. If you would like to do your kitchen work with professional damask chef's knives from now on, we recommend that you start with one knife set like from the Solingen quality manufacturer Gehring, which has been around since 1956 Quality chef's knife manufactured in Solingen. Especially for the production of special chef's knives in different designs, Gehring is known and appreciated far beyond the borders of Germany. With the set you get the important professional chef's knife for your cutting work in the kitchen: damask chef's knife, damask santoku knife and damask paring knife. You can always add to such a set special knivesthat you buy from us. This ensures that you carry a selection of professional chef's knives that meet your needs.

    Customize professional chef's knives

    The search for that perfect gift is often not easy. It should be exclusive and personal, meet your own expectations and of course give the recipient a real treat. Whether for a birthday, a wedding or an anniversary - you will find the special present with us. On request, we refine a large selection of our professional chef's knives with a individual engraving, which we engrave on the blade using the latest laser technology. You decide for yourself which fonts and sizes your message should have on the professional chef's knife. You can also supplement these with various motifs, which we also implement on the high-quality chef's knives. Transform with the personalization a practical everyday helper in one real unique. With our service, the individualization of a chef's knife from Solingen quite simply:
    • Select a professional chef's knife with the addition "+ individual laser engraving".
    • Create text and design directly online.
    • Go to Preview to see your creation live.
    • Satisfied? Then buy and pay for a personalized chef's knife.
    • Look forward to the package with your personal professional chef's knife in 5 to 7 working days.
    Of course, there doesn't always have to be a special occasion for a quality chef's knife from Solingen. Just make one yourself with such a unique piece joy.

    Buy chef's knives from Messervertrieb Rottner now

    Buying chef's knives has never been easier with us. We have every copy from our range with us utmost care We select and only carry professional chef's knives that we, as experts with many years of experience, would use ourselves. Unique productions, such as the professional chef's knife from the Windmühlenmesser manufactory, which is forged from a single piece of steel and comes with an elegant and particularly supple handle made of apricot wood, make a real statement in the kitchen. Already from an order value of 50 € your order makes itself free shipping within Germany and will be with you in 2 to 4 working days with our reliable shipping partner DHL. In addition to our many certified payment methods, we also offer you the purchase of a chef's knife on account. If you have any questions about our professional chef's knives or would like advice, please do not hesitate to contact us Contact up to us. We would be happy to take care of your concerns professionally.

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