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    Unique damask knives from Solingen

    Damascus knife from Solingen

    Damascus knife from Solingen are enjoyed by chefs around the world
    Popularity and are characterized by a distinctive pattern on the blade. This is created by folding the Damascus steel several times during manufacture. By the elaborate production belong Solingen damask knife to the high-priced cutting tools that professional chefs in particular, but also passionate hobby cooks like to indulge in. The knife, made of several layers of steel, has a wide blade that is stable and flexible at the same time. An ergonomic handle, which is mostly made of oiled wood, sits comfortably in the hand for all cutting work. Damask chef's knife have a particularly pronounced spiciness that lasts a long time with the right care.
    Kai Shun Nagare knife damask knife

    Buy damask knives for a precise cut

    Damascus knives are not only very well known, but are also very resistant to environmental influences such as rust, moisture or food acids. In addition, the knives are very durable and can be used for many years. To the sharpness and quality of Damask knife they should never be cleaned in the dishwasher. Hand washing is just as mandatory for these luxury models as is the subsequent drying of the steel blade, which is folded several times. The knives are also a very exquisite gift for passionate cooks who value good workmanship and aesthetics in knife manufacture.

    Luxurious knives with a distinctive design

    In order to restore the sharpness over time, only a whetstone should be used for re-sharpening in order not to damage the blade. Commercially available knife sharpeners and sharpening steel are taboo here. After sharpening, the knife should also be refurbished with a polishing stone. Damascus steel chef's knife are easily suitable for cutting vegetables, fruit, fish or meat. This makes you one of the luxury class universal knives. During processing, the steel is heated to up to 1200 degrees. Particularly high-quality models have a large number of layers; this should not be less than 30 when buying. Hand-forged damask chef's knifethat are traditionally made can reach up to 300 layers. Here you will find high quality Kai knife made of damascus steel.

    Advice and service

    Are you unsure which knife you need? No problem! Just give us a call or send us an email. We would be happy to advise you and would like you to receive the right knife. Do you already have a high quality damask knife, but it has become dull over time? Then find out more about our Grinding service.

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