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    Bread knife from Solingen – slice by slice with perfect precision

    A Professional bread knife is one of the most important knives in the kitchen and is truly a specialist for cutting bread and rolls. Bread knives from Solingen make it possible for you to portion a loaf particularly precisely and effortlessly. A professional bread knife also ensures that neither rolls nor bread are crumbly. This is through the unique serrated edge guaranteed by the blade, which brings a high-quality bread knife. The 'teeth' ensure that they easily slide through any crunchy crust, avoiding mashing and working soft breads cleanly without tearing the surface. A Bread knife from Solingen ensures without a doubt that exactly the right portion is achieved for your snack, regardless of whether it is wafer-thin or substantial slices. This is how you always achieve the best results. Browse through our now selection of professional bread knives from well-known manufacturers from Solingen, whose quality we have trusted for many years. The still made in real craftsmanship, high quality models convince with their selected materials, the careful processing with the use of the most modern production technologies and an elegant design, which even meets the highest optical demands. Bread knives from Solingen consistently appear on one high quality levelthat you can always rely on. Nothing stands in the way of a relaxed Sunday breakfast or a delicious brunch with perfect slices of bread and finely sliced rolls. You buy your bread knife from us Knife sales Rottner from manufacturers such as Güde, Felix, Windmühlenmesser, Wüsthof, Carl Mertens, RSG, and Gehring. Because experience makes the difference.

    High quality bread knife from Solingen

    The specialist for cutting bread and rolls of all kinds is of course the bread knife. With a Bread knife from Solingen you can create even slices of bread exactly as you want it. It divides your breakfast rolls without a lot of crumbs thanks to the clever one Serrated edge of the blade. Thanks to this special cut, which is somewhat reminiscent of a saw blade, the knife remains sharp for an extremely long time. You will achieve the best results with a Solingen knife, especially with pasta with a thick and rustic crust.

    What to look for when buying a bread knife

    At the Buy bread knife you should, as with any other knife, attach great importance to good quality. After all, your knife should serve its purpose to the full and last a long time. A Solingen bread knife is ideal for this. The decisive factor is robust workmanship and high-quality blade steel with the necessary sharpness and an optimal cut. However, the handiness of the knife is no less important in order to ensure precise and pleasant work. The online shop of Messervertrieb Rottner offers you absolute quality goods from the blade city of Solingen, such as a Güde bread knife, in the 1930s the well-known Serrated edge was invented. We at Messervertrieb Rottner work closely with well-known and competent manufacturers and thus guarantee you a comprehensive range of products Knives from Solingen. All knives that you will find with us offer you the best quality at a fair price. The blades are made of high quality materials. Knives made from a chrome-molybdenum alloy, for example, are not only cut-resistant but also dishwasher-safe. A Solingen knife However, it should mainly be cleaned by hand with a damp cloth, as frequent and long contact with water can lead to rust stains even with rust-resistant blades.

    Forms of Solingen bread knives

    A good Bread knife from Solingen shouldn't just be about the well-known Serrated edge feature. The length of the blade is also decisive for how well bread or rolls can be sliced. When choosing the right knife, one should therefore also pay attention to the design. Rule of thumb here: the longer the blade, the easier it is to cut baked goods.

    Güde presents his Synchros series

    The now well-known serrated edge from Güde enables the precise cutting of bread and other products with a hard shell and a soft core. Brian Bojsen introduces the Synchros range of bread knives and shows what it can do.

    Professional bread knife for the highest standards

    A professional bread knife must fully serve its purpose and also prove itself over many years reliable companion prove That's why bread knives from Solingen bring with them everything you need in terms of quality to make them yourself highest demands to suffice. In addition to the robust processing of high-quality materials, such as the blade steel, the cut must also be perfect. At the same time, a high-quality bread knife convinces with the optimum handiness, so that you can enjoy precise and pleasant work. This is ensured by a ergonomically shaped handle, which is usually made from selected precious woods. For example, RSG uses elegant plum wood, while Felix's professional bread knives feature grained olive wood. Each knife is manufactured in such a way that a well thought-out structure of handle and blade guarantees excellent guidance and the material nestles uncompromisingly in the palm of the hand. Different handle sizes and shapes of the professional bread knife as well as a serrated edge on both sides mean that most models can be used both for both right and left handers suit.

    Innovation of the bread knife from Solingen

    Did you know that the serrated edge, which almost all professional bread knives have today, was invented by the Solingen manufacturer Güde back in the 1930s? This has always been a concern innovation that we can cut baked goods with the highest precision. Many manufacturers such as Wüsthof or Felix have developed this further over the years for their professional bread knife. Wüsthof shows its high-quality bread knives with a double wave, while Felix on one convex serrated edge on some of its variants. They cut everything from soft rolls to crispy baguettes to a crispy roast crust or large fruits and vegetables with ease. The blades of the professional bread knives are always off best materials produced. Some of the bread knives from Solingen are made of a chrome-molybdenum alloy and are remarkably cut-resistant. Particularly exclusive professional bread knives are made damascus steel manufactured. Only care for your bread knife from Solingen with one damp cloth by hand. So you have hardly any losses in the basic sharpness. However, if you notice that processing with a sharpening steel is no longer sufficient, use it our grinding service and have your bread knife from Solingen professionally refurbished. With us at Messervertrieb Rottner you will only find absolute quality goods from the blade city of Solingen in every area, such as bread knives, which have convinced us ourselves. In close cooperation and cooperation with well-known and competent Solingen manufacturers, we guarantee you a comprehensive range of knives made of real leather traditional art. The knives that you will find with us are always offered at a fair price. Equipped with the world-famous Solingen special grind, bread knives from Solingen guarantee a long-lasting sharpness and a excellent cutting result. Our tip: Every high-quality bread knife from Solingen has the well-known serrated edge. At the same time you have the choice between different lengths the blade. The longer the blade, the easier it is to cut baked goods.

    Buy bread knives from Messervertrieb Rottner

    You buy bread knives from Solingen where experience, expertise and a high level of customer orientation come together. Just like us from Messervertrieb Rottner. In addition to the Solingen quality, we guarantee for comprehensive services. For many years we have stood for a range of knives from Solingen that more than meet the high demands of star and hobby chefs as well as hunters and outdoor fans. With us you can rely on the best quality and the right solutions for every preparation in the kitchen. This is how professional bread knives take one fixed place in our selection. Many years of experience and specialized experts ensure that you always get the latest models from us. We will ship your professional bread knife from a purchase value of €50 free shipping within Germany with our shipping partner DHL. After receipt of order we will carry for one speedy delivery in 2 to 4 working days, so that you can quickly use your bread knife from Solingen. With us you can expect many certified payment methods, including convenient purchase on account. Look for a special one gift? After something exclusive that is something completely different? Then our bread knives from Solingen are with us individual engraving just right for you. Using the latest laser technology, we engrave your personal message or a desired motif on the blade. A great idea for a personal gift. If you have any questions about our bread knives from Solingen, please do not hesitate to contact us Contact up to us. We take care of your concerns reliably and are always there for you.

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