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    Paring knife Solingen

    A Paring knife belongs to the basic equipment of every kitchen. With many types of fruit and vegetables, even an all-purpose knife reaches its limits. Often it is simply too big for peeling or chopping vegetables, making it difficult to prepare the desired ingredients. The city of blades Solingen offers high quality knife which are small and handy but also particularly robust and cut-resistant and are ideal for cutting and peeling vegetables and fruit. In the online shop of Messervertrieb Rottner you can get various knives from Solingen in different designs. The Solingen knives have been convincing for centuries with their special longevity.

    Paring knife for every occasion

    A Paring knife is particularly handy and easy to use thanks to the short blade of around 9 centimeters. The back of the blade is usually arched and the sharpened blade straight. This makes it ideal for cutting all kinds of vegetables. If, for example, it reaches its limits due to the tough skin of tomatoes, you should use a variation of the paring knife. These are the common variants of the classic knife for vegetables Tomato knife and the paring knife. A knife specially designed for tomatoes and other vegetables with a hard skin, for example, has a serrated blade.

    Professional quality knives

    Aesthetics and functionality combined in one kitchen tool The hand forged professional knives not only ensure the perfect cut on the kitchen board, but also have an attractive look that makes the heart of every chef beat faster. The tapered blade also allows fine work with a Paring knife and can be easily cleaned with clear water. After cleaning, it is advisable to dry it with a kitchen towel to avoid rust film on the blade. Thanks to the use of robust special steel in production, knives from Solingen are particularly resistant to rust and acidic foods cannot harm the cutting tools.

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