From grandpa's pocket money idea to a successful company

FOM student Niklas Rottner supplies customers worldwide - the 24-year-old entrepreneur now sells Solingen steel goods worldwide through his own online shop and is studying "Management & Digitization" at the FOM University in Düsseldorf while working.

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Solingen cutlery - KNIFE-SHARP SHIPPING

Not all knives are the same. With his online shop of the same name, Niklas Rottner sells so many different Solingen cutlery like no other.

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CORONA: "Information on international dispatch of goods"

In Corona times, parcels often do not arrive at their destination. Especially those that are sent abroad. Depending on the country of destination, some parcels are not accepted at all.

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"A modern shop for great knives"

 Niklas Rottner is constantly expanding his online knife sales and is tackling a dual degree in autumn.

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Solinger founds online knife shop

Niklas Rottner from Solingen is 23 years old and is currently revolutionizing the knife market. In fact, there has not yet been an online trade that offers all of the well-known Solingen knives. And then Niklas thought: What the Solingen manufacturers can't do, he'll do.



Niklas Rottner sells Solingen knives on the Internet

The 23-year-old Niklas Rottner offers classic Solingen steel goods for sale on his homepage. He already has customers all over the world.

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Young entrepreneur sells knives

It all started with a couple of knives that Niklas Rottner found in his grandfather's cellar. His grandfather was a grinder at the time and still had a few real Solingen treasures ...

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