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    Kasumi is a knife that comes from the Sumikama forge, located in Seki (Japan). The impressive Damascus knife is considered the highest standard and has become a true classic for all those who have special demands on a knife. Seki itself can look back on 780 years of history in the cutlery industry. The swords made here were already unique in Japan due to the hardening method used. In combination with the artistic sophistication, the cutterbars quickly became collectors' items with well thought-out functionality worldwide. Instead of preserving the status quo, however, people quickly remembered to continuously develop the traditional processes and pass on the techniques of sword manufacture from generation to generation. This is exactly what characterizes the production of Kasumi to this day, which is proven by their excellent cutting ability and extreme hardness. The Sumikama manufactory in the center of the Japanese archipelago has an extremely comprehensive wealth of experience and brings with it the necessary technical know-how, which has so far been unchallenged. Exactly for this reason, Kasumi knives have earned a permanent place in our range.

    Discover Kasumi knives at Messervertrieb Rottner

    At Messervertrieb Rottner, we are the fourth generation to offer our customers a range of high-quality knives from Professional kitchen knives from Solingen until high-quality hunting knives from Solingen that impress with their quality, functionality and design. A Kasumi should therefore not be missing from our selection. Experience for yourself what happens when traditional blacksmithing meets modern processes and exquisite materials. A Kasumi knife will do far more than meet your expectations. We're sure a Kasumi will delight you in every way. You can also benefit from the different models. Do you want to buy a Kasumi chef's knife, bread knife or Kasumi filleting knife? With us you will always find the right cutter for your needs. Once you have found a Kasumi, you can order your unique piece directly from our online shop. We will conveniently deliver your package to your front door.

    What is special about a Kasumi?

    A Kasumi knife is a traditional Japanese knife made using the "Kasumi" technique. The word "Kasumi" means something like "cloud" or "mist", which refers to the blade surface. In this process, two different types of steel are brought together in multiple layers during a complex process. Inside the Kasumi knives there is a hard steel core, which is encased in a softer material. This ensures that the inner core is protected, but the cutting edge remains very flexible. The famous blacksmith Sumikama sometimes also makes other knives. The high quality ones Damascus knives are hand-forged and of unique quality.

    How are Kasumi knives made?

    Kasumi uses 32-layer high-quality Damascus steel. After the forging process is complete, the blade is heated to over 800°C, cooled and hardened to 59-60°C Rockwell. The hardness of 60±1 HRC ensures a special robustness, a long edge retention as well as an excellent sharpness and guarantees a simple regrinding of a Kasumi if necessary. The fine polish after repeated grinding gives the Kasumi even better gliding ability through the cuttings and, in combination with a handle made of black Pakka wood, ensures an exciting look.

    This is what you can expect from Kasumi knives

    The Kasumi Kuro knife combines decades of experience in the manufacture of Kasumi knives with advanced technologies. The Kasumi is still made by hand in the same way as traditional Japanese swords. Molybdenum-vanadium stainless steel, which has a high carbon content, is used for this. The elegant Damascus pattern on both sides of the blade of the Kasumi knife is the result of repeated folding and forging in several layers. Even if the pattern is typical of damask knives, the traditional Japanese design gives a Kasumi a very special look, which is impressively complemented by the robust, black wooden handle. Among other things, we carry the Kasumi Kuro chef's knife made of damascus steel, which can be used universally as a real all-rounder in the kitchen and glides effortlessly through any type of meat, fish and vegetables. Also, you will find the Kasumi Kuro Nakiri Damascus steel, a typical one Paring knife from Japan. With this model, the vertical, straight cut, the double-sided cut and the special delicacy come into play. The preparation of peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and co. becomes a real pleasure with the Kasumi paring knife. Take a look at our selection of Kasumi knives for yourself.

    You can conveniently buy your Kasumi knife from Messervertrieb Rottner

    Are you looking for a first class Knife from Solingenthat is sure to become a focal point in your kitchen, a Kasumi knife is an excellent choice. Likewise, they can be high-quality for themselves or even as a gift Buy a fillet knife. Buy and order your Kasumi knife directly from our online shop. From an order value of 50 € you even save the shipping costs within Germany. We guarantee fast delivery within 2 to 4 working days with our logistics partner DHL. If you would like delivery on the next working day, use our express delivery service. Simply send us your purchase by 12 noon on weekdays. Of course, we have various payment methods available for you, such as payment in advance, credit card, PayPal, cash on collection and purchase on account. If you have any questions about a Kasumi knife or would like some non-binding advice in advance, please do not hesitate to contact us Contact to our experts. We are always there for you personally.

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