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    PUMA Messer Solingen for the highest demands on precision

    Are you looking for hunting, sports and leisure knives that meet your high standards and don't make any compromises in terms of looks? Standing for around 250 years PUMA knives from Solingen for the highest quality and enjoy an excellent reputation among hunters, nature lovers and knife collectors worldwide. laid in 1769 Johann Wilhelm Lauterjung laid the foundation for the production of the legendary PUMA knives from Solingen. The traditional company still produces PUMA knives in Solingen today. However, the story goes back much further, because one of the then so-called cottages, which were known as grinding workshops, already belonged to the Lauterjung family. Over the years, the manufacturer used numerous milestones. In addition to the PUMA hunting knives, the production of PUMA pocket knives, stilettos, sabers and hunting knives began in 1876. In 1946 the company expanded its portfolio high-quality household knives. One of the decisive years was 1953, in which, in cooperation with chief forester and hunting writer Walter Frevert, the company continues to this day popular classic Woad cutlery, Jagdnicker, universal hunting knife and hunting knife. Always oriented towards current events, PUMA knives from Solingen were introduced in 1995 manufacturing methods such as CNC machines and laser technology, modified the popular hunting and pocket knives according to the latest ergonomic findings and introduced PUMA Individual configurator with which customers can design a handmade PUMA knife from Solingen according to their own wishes. Despite all the innovations, PUMA remains true to its roots and still manufactures all PUMA knives in genuine leather craftsmanship at. The smart interaction of traditional manufacturing and technical processing methods ensures that you can rely on PUMA knives to 100 % and a processing can expect that will more than inspire you. The result is precise, exact and robust PUMA knives from Solingen, which you can also order from us Knife sales Rottner find in the online shop. For many years and in the 4th generation, we have followed our passion for high quality knives and offer a fine selection of high-quality knives from Solingen, aimed at professional and amateur chefs, hunters and outdoor fans who sophisticated cutting art expect. PUMA knives from Solingen undoubtedly belong in our range and are your perfect companion when you are in the nature on the way. Take a look around and discover our PUMA hunting knives and PUMA pocket knives as well as the well-known classic: the Puma White Hunter. Once you have found your favourite, simply order it conveniently in our modern online shop at an attractive price-performance ratio.

    Craftsmanship from Solingen - Puma hunting knives

    The company has been manufacturing for 250 years Puma Solingen, Knives for the highest demands that enjoy a very good reputation among hunters, nature lovers and knife collectors. Already in 1769 Johann Wilhelm Lauterjung registered his trademark in the knife maker role of the city of Solingen and thus laid the foundation stone for the traditional company Puma hunting knifewhich is active worldwide today and, in addition to the quality of its cutlery, stands for high innovative strength and progress. Regarding the quality of production, it is particularly worth noting that Puma knife Even today, cutlery is made by hand using the highest level of craftsmanship. The traditional manual production is complemented by the most modern technical know-how and thus guarantees optimal results.

    High quality hunting knives for everyday use

    Especially those puma Hunting knife have a legendary reputation. The puma White Hunter For example, hunting knives were specially developed for the East African hunting organization. It became famous in the Winnetou film "The Treasure in the Silver Lake". Here it became Puma White Hunter Worn by Old Shatterhand in 1962. Also Puma pocket knife enjoy great popularity in all walks of life and are in demand just as much as, for example Puma hunting pocket knife or the traditional Puma hunting knives.

    A brief look back at the history of the blade city of Solingen

    The town Solingen, which was first mentioned in a document in 965, has stood for the production of cutlery of the highest quality for more than 650 years. The first mentions of blade manufacture go back to the year 1363. At that time swords were primarily made. Today the range of cutlery produced in Solingen includes a very wide range, from kitchen knives to Hunting knife to nail scissors.Puma celebrates its anniversary - 245 years

    Why choose a PUMA knife from Solingen?

    PUMA hunting knives are legendary and that all over the world. This is how the Puma White Hunter hunting knife, which was specially developed for the East African hunting organization, became a real one cinema heroes and was used as a prop in the 1962 Winnetou film "The Treasure of the Silver Lake". The PUMA hunting knife was carried by none other than Old Shatterhand himself. No wonder the PUMA hunting knife quickly became a worldwide guarantors advanced. PUMA knives from Solingen not only impress with their unusual design. For production, the manufacturer uses high quality steel gradesthat are precisely tailored to the requirements in practice. In combination with PUMA's many years of experience and unique capabilities knifemaker, the strict selection of suppliers and partners as well as the technical possibilities result in only remarkable quality. Every PUMA knife is designed to impress longevity designed. A difference that you only experience with PUMA knives from Solingen. But also collector are not neglected at PUMA knives from Solingen. Every year, the manufacturer designs limited edition knives in its Solingen manufactory in cooperation with renowned designers. Whether for your knife collection or for work, the noble PUMA knives of the year are a real pleasure in optics and function. We recommend that you simply convince yourself.

    Our selection of PUMA hunting knives and PUMA pocket knives

    We carry PUMA knives for you in different blade types, designs and lengths. In addition to the precise blades, the PUMA knives from Solingen are presented with various scales made of staghorn, plum wood and pakka wood, among other things. With a PUMA hunting knife you get a shapely, elegant and stable Leather sheath the end Saddle leather for optimal storage. An alternative to the pure hunting knives is, for example, the 4-piece Puma hunting pocket knife, which, in addition to the proven PUMA knife blade multifunctional equipped with a double-toothed saw, a ripping blade and a handy corkscrew. Ideal and practical for on the go. A real specialty is the PUMA Whisky, where the scales are made of whiskey casks will be produced. Here the manufacturer works together with the Sauerland noble distillery. An excellent gift idea for knife lovers, hunters and outdoor fans. It's best to browse through our offers yourself and find exactly the right PUMA knife from Solingen that suits you requirement more than is fair. You will receive one from us for almost every PUMA knife from Solingen Sharpening voucher. Daily use leaves its mark and even the best knife loses its sharpness over time, even with optimal storage and use. As soon as the blade becomes too dull, it can be resharpened with a normal one Sharpening steel unfortunately no longer sufficient. Only place your PUMA knives from Solingen in experienced hands for professional sharpening. We work together with Wasserkraft Manufaktur and offer you a high quality Grinding service at. This is how you give your PUMA knife the right polish again.

    Order your PUMA knife from Solingen from us and use your service advantages

    PUMA knives from Solingen stand for uncompromising quality, as well as our services. We have a comprehensive selection of PUMA knives that you can order directly from us. Already from a purchase value of 30 € the shipping is with us free of charge. Your PUMA knife from Solingen will be delivered within 2 to 4 working days. In addition to numerous payment options You can also expect convenient purchase on account from us. If you have any questions about PUMA knives from Solingen or would like individual advice, please do not hesitate to contact us Contact with our service team on. We will take care of your request quickly.

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