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    Herder knives - by hand with heart since 1928

    Since 1928 the company EL. Herder KG with its quality seal Tukan for the highest quality in the Solingen cutlery segment. The Herder Messer company is a traditional Solingen company and still adheres to the old Solingen production and manufacturing methods. Today the Tukan combines two independent brands in one company: while the EL. Herder KG has specialized in the production of work and industrial knives, among other things for harvesting and slaughterhouses, H. Herder manufactures a wide variety of knives for professional and amateur cooks and everything you need for use in your own household. All knives manufactured under the seal of the Toucan are Made in Solingen. Through constant further development, Herder Messer strives for constantly increasing product quality and the expansion of our product range by creating new products. Since the company was founded, the needs of the customers have come first. Always according to our motto: by hand, with heart since 1928...

    Herder Tukan Eterno Knife - Made in Solingen 

    Since the company was founded in 1928, the toucan has stood as a quality mark for the highest quality in the cutlery segment from Solingen. As a homage to the toucan, in whose home region of the Amazon, Portuguese is spoken, Herder Messer has named its new knife series "Eterno", which translated into German means "eternal" or "eternity". When manufacturing the Eterno series, the goal was to create a high-quality and sustainable product that will last a lifetime - i.e. forever. All Herder knives in the Eterno series are drop-forged and hand-worked and have a hardness of approx. 58 Rockwell. The Eterno series comes with handles made from the finest woods and the blade is hand-honed, which guarantees long-lasting and extreme sharpness. The knives are made entirely by hand in Solingen, the city of blades. The Eterno series is a perfect complement to our other products and offers you noble knives of the absolute top class.

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