History of the blade city of Solingen

History of the blade city Solingen - an excerpt

The fact that Solingen can now bear the nickname “City of Blades” has a long history steeped in tradition. The Bergisch city has been the center of the German cutlery industry since the Middle Ages. Products from companies such as Güde, Niegeloh and Felix are exported internationally and there should be at least one knife from Solingen in almost every German household. The Solingen knife manufacturers still produce high-quality kitchen or hunting knives and preserve their tradition.

The beginnings of blacksmithing

Before the well-known and popular companies settled in the city of blades, weapons were forged in the region as early as the Middle Ages. The reason for the settlement of many blacksmiths and grinding shops were the numerous rivers and streams, which were ideally suited for the construction of the grinding docks. The proximity to the trading city of Cologne was also decisive.
Since the 15th century, the grinders and hardeners received the privilege of forming a guild, and in the 16th century numerous other knife manufacturers settled in the region. The name “Solingen” quickly became a global mark of quality for high-quality blades. Swords from Solingen were particularly valued in the Central European rulers.

Knife tradition spanning centuries

In the 16th century, swordsmiths and knife makers were followed by scissors makers to Solingen. As a result, the manufacture of blades dominated the economy of today's blade city well into the 19th century. The First World War interrupted the upswing in the knife industry because there was no need for high-quality cutlery. Nevertheless, the companies continued to produce knives and scissors of unique quality, the production of which experienced a further boom with the mechanization of the knife industry.
Razor blades have also been manufactured in Solingen since the second half of the 20th century. The tradition of blade manufacture and the “Made in Solingen” trademark were also able to take advantage of newer companies. Since 2012, the city has had the addition of “City of Blades” and thus represents the centuries-old knife tradition. While the modern knives can still convince with their good quality and excellent cut resistance and workmanship, museums such as the German Blade Museum or the Balkhauser Kotten offer an insight into the history of Solingen. History even comes to life in the Hendrichs drop forge. Here you can make your own scissors as models during special tours. Young and old can experience first hand how the Solingen blades are produced. In today's knife manufacture Solingen, the knife tradition is continued in a modern way.

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