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    An EIKASO knife is the perfect combination of a stable handle, a sharp blade and an aesthetic design. EIKASO knives have been carefully forged by hand in the world-famous knife town of Solingen for decades. The result is a knife that is perfectly balanced and extremely robust, offering an exceptional cutting experience. Let yourself be inspired by EIKASO and an EIKASO knife. Whether as a gift or for your own kitchen, you buy an EIKASO knife for eternity. Trust in true one-offs from Solingen, where tradition, quality and progress are very important.

    Discover EIKASO knives at Messervertrieb Rottner

    Already in the fourth generation, we at Messervertrieb Rottner ensure every day that you have access to a high-quality range of unique cutting tools and Professional kitchen knives from Solingen To fall back on. Other traditional manufacturers from all over the world also find their place in our range. Our collection only includes models like the EIKASO knife, which convince us across the board. The impressive steel and manufacturing quality of EIKASO is inimitable. If you are looking for a knife that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of material, ergonomics and appearance, EIKASO Solingen is an excellent choice. You can buy and order an EIKASO knife conveniently in our online shop and we will deliver your favorite straight to your home. Discover the versatility of real EIKASO masterpieces and special EIKASO knives. You are also welcome to take a look at our range Knife sharpener and knife care around.

    What is special about an EIKASO knife?

    The traditional manufacturer EIKASO has been producing high-quality cutting tools since 1926 and has made a name for itself worldwide with the excellent material and manufacturing quality. The range of EIKASO knives includes exquisite Professional chef's knives from Solingen, household knives as well as special professional knives, butcher knives and butcher knives. Every EIKASO knife combines a modern design language, ergonomic perfection and the use of innovative raw materials, so that the best conditions for fatigue-free work are created. Due to these factors and above all due to the fact that the plastic handles are quick and easy to clean, EIKASO knives are mainly used in restaurants, butcher shops and other gastronomic areas. The blade of an EIKASO knife consists of powerful, rustproof molybdenum steel, which the manufacturer adjusts to the respective knife in terms of hardness and quality. The handles of the EIKASO knives are ergonomically shaped and made of high-quality plastic. In addition, the knives are non-slip, resistant to hot water and dirt and grease. EIKASO knives fit perfectly in the hand, which reduces the risk of injuries and reduces the strain on the hand and arm even after prolonged use. The pioneering thinking of EIKASO A real special feature of an EIKASO knife is the PROfiTECT knife handle made of rubber and a plastic mixture. The PROfiTECT knife handle made from these innovative composite materials is the result of years of research work. An EIKASO knife with this ergonomic handle has a number of advantages, such as high non-slip and durability. This is what performance, fatigue-free work and safety are all about Professional meat knives from Solingen guaranteed by EIKASO.

    This is what you can expect from EIKASO knives

    The EIKASO chef's knife, which is made of high-quality steel, scores with a long service life and robustness. The blade remains extremely sharp, even after the greatest strain. The handle of the EIKASO knife is designed in such a way that the power is transferred directly from the hand to the knife. This noticeably reduces the effort required. When it comes to the blade material, EIKASO uses high-quality steels such as molybdenum stainless steel in accordance with DIN 1.4110 / 1.4116, HCR57. It is also good to know that the EIKASO manufactory has developed knives especially for people who have problems with their hands and fingers. Elderly people in particular can often no longer cut properly with knives due to their dwindling strength. The handle plays a key role here. The more filigree this is, the more difficult it is to guide with restrictions. With the knowledge of these challenges of their customers, EIKASO decided without further ado to develop a knife handle that specifically addresses them. The optimized angular position of the cutting edge of an EIKASO knife to the cutting plane prevents high stress on the joints and ensures a large range of motion. The extra-wide handle of the EIKASO knives, which consists of wood fibers and high-quality plastic, can be gripped very well and securely. Even with little manual force, slip resistance is guaranteed.

    Buy exquisite EIKASO knives now from Messervertrieb Rottner

    A EIKASO Knife from Solingen meets even the highest quality standards and skilfully combines value, an elegant and timeless design as well as the best properties when cutting and guiding. Experience the precision of a real EIKASO knife for yourself. You can order this directly from us in our online shop. With an order value of €50 or more, you already save on shipping costs within Germany. We ensure speedy shipping with our logistics partner DHL. If you are in a hurry to order your EIKASO knife, use our express delivery and you will receive your package safely on the next working day. Your order must be received by us by 12 noon on the previous working day. Of course, we offer you different payment methods when purchasing EIKASO knives, such as prepayment, credit card, PayPal, cash payment on collection and purchase on account. If you have any questions about an EIKASO knife or would like individual advice, do not hesitate and contact us without obligation Contact up to us. We are happy to take the time to personally address your concerns and together we will find an EIKASO knife that exactly suits your needs.

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