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With the Grinding service You can have your knife - or several knives - sharpened by Messervertrieb Rottner.

In our online shop from Messervertrieb Rottner you will find different types of knives that sharpen just like for you. Select the type of knife if you have one or more knives through our Grinding service want to have them sharpened.

Select the desired quantity and place the product in the shopping cart. We charge a flat shipping fee per order, regardless of the number of knives. The flat rate includes shipping there and back - your knives are on the Insured shipping up to € 500.

After completing the purchase, you will receive an email with a Shipping label to print. With the shipment tracking you always have the status of your knife in view.

Once we have received your package, we will hand it over to the hydropower factory in Wipperkotten. The company will sharpen your knife or knives in the shortest possible time. As soon as your knives are on their way back, we will inform you by email.


Puma Prince grinding

Why do knives get blunt?

The cutting edge of a knife is very thin. Even with normal cutting movements it can happen that the blade not at an optimal angle the material to be cut or the cutting mat hits. This can cause the bevel to deform.

Another reason that knives dull is damage to the structure that can be caused by salts or acids. The surface becomes rougher and the stability of the knife suffers. The rough surface of the cutting edge offers more contact surface, which makes it even more faster dull becomes.

The right cutting mat is essential for knife sharpness. Cutting pads made of wood or plastic are ideal, while materials such as granite, glass or other hard materials look very nice, but damage or deform the cutting edge of the knife. Where can you get yours Let the knife sharpen?


Our partner - The Wasserkraft Knife Manufactory

Our strong partner when it comes to that Have knives sharpened is the Wasserkraft knife manufacturer in Solingen's Wipperkotten. The hydropower plant - from 1602 - still drives the grinding machines in the listed Wipperkotten. The blades of your knife come with the original Solingen thin section sanded and of course blue-peened by a master hand. This is an elaborate and old fine processing of the blade surface. The old tradition is only mastered by very few knife sharpeners - and that includes the sharpeners from the knife manufacture.

In order to obtain the exact take-off angle and the perfect cutting edge geometry of the knives, the knives are first checked using the laser angle measurement process. This process guarantees the very high edge retention and gives the knife the Sharpness like buying a new one. To protect the steel structure of the blade from overheating when sharpening the knife, the knives are honed by hand using the wet grinding process. The subsequent polishing of the cutting edge gives the sharpness the final touch - in the literal sense of the word.



How you can tell that you should have your knife sharpened

Professional and amateur cooks rely on sharp knives in the kitchen. This is the only way to work properly and carefully.

Even a high quality knife doesn't stay sharp forever. From time to time a certain amount of basic sharpening is necessary, even if you use a sharpening steel on a regular basis. The recommendation is to sharpen the knife blade with a sharpening steel every week in order to achieve a certain basic sharpness. However, if sharpening with the sharpening steel no longer works, it's time to do that To have knives sharpened. But don't let anyone sharpen the knife, put the knife in the hands of professionals.

We at Messervertrieb Rottner offer one Grinding service for your knives at. Your knives will be professionally sharpened by our partner, the hydropower factory in Solingen Wipperkotten.


The following rule of thumb applies to the edge retention of the knife blade: The smaller the angle of the cutting edge, the sharper the knife. In addition to the proper storage of the knife, it should be treated with care and sharpened regularly - this way you can preserve the cutting properties of the knife. After use, you should clean the knife blade by hand and dry it well immediately.

You can recognize a blunt knife by the fact that the bevel, i.e. the cutting edge of the knife, is rounded and no wedge is visible on it. At this stage, even the best sharpening steel can no longer remedy the situation: you have to Let the knife sharpen. A new, professional touch is necessary so that you can work precisely and like a professional with the trade fair again. When sharpening the knife, material is removed from both sides of the cutting edge and a new, fine bevel is formed.

In addition to the sharpening service for knives of all kinds, we offer you the Grinding service also for scissors.

And yes, you can also have knives that you have not bought in our online shop sharpened by us.

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