Otter Mercator K55K Solingen side view

Otter Mercator K55K

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Otter Solingen

Blade length

overall length

20 cm


74 g


On both sides

Handle material

Powder-coated steel

Blade steel


  • Recycling packaging of knives
Made in Solingen. This article is manufactured in Solingen. Made in Solingen. This article is manufactured in Solingen.


Otter Mercator K55K

The American GI's brought this Otter Mercator K55K knife to America after World War II. There it became famous under the name "Black Cat Knife" and is still a cult there today. The embossing is stamped under the press and after powder coating is hand painted as in the old days. Incidentally, the designation Otter Mercator K55K means “K” for Kaufmann (the original manufacturer), “55” for Hochstraße 55 (the original company address) and “K” for the cat symbol.

The Mercator knife has been popular for over 100 years because of its simplicity, functionality and robustness. Even though it wasn't designed as an army knife, it quickly found favor with Kaiser Wilhelm's army. The name “Kaiser-Wilhelm-Messer” also comes from this period. Today it is used all over the world and distinguishes itself in everyday life with its narrow, indestructible design.

The blade of the Mercator knife is made of either stainless or carbon steel.


OTTER – Hot quality from Solingen since 1840

The traditional knife manufacturer Otter was founded in 1840 in a small Kotten in Solingen founded. The company was named after the many otters who have settled around the water-powered grinding shop and are based in the Bergisches Land. To this day, an otter can be found on every knife as the knife manufacturer's logo. Solingen carefully handcrafts all Otter knives. The best materials ensure excellent results during manufacture. Every outdoor fan will find his knife in the range, whether for the garden, leisure time or household.

10 reviews for Otter Mercator K55K

  1. Peter -

    A well made, handy knife. Fast delivery and cheap price.

  2. Philip -

    I am very satisfied with the knife, including presentation ect. How well the blade will hold up remains to be seen, even if it is of course important to use it optimally.

  3. Chris -

    Everything flawless. Good product at a good price.

  4. Steffen -

    Super knife!

  5. Ralf -

    Top knife, proven design, my new favorite knife!

  6. Falko -

    Super sharp and simple knife, just the way I like it.

  7. Roland -

    Nothing more needs to be said about the knife. Delivery was very quick and the price was cheap. Totally recommendable!

  8. Willi -

    A great little knife, extremely sharp and easy to hold. Cleanly processed and will probably look even better with time with the patina. A constant companion.

  9. Stephen -

    Excellent quality! No play! Solid construction! Top notch!

  10. Holger -

    I've known this knife for decades. Stumbled upon it by chance on the internet and remembered that it was my grandpa's pocket knife. However, that this knife has been around for 150 years was new to me! I think the carbon blade is nice.
    I would buy myself again!

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