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    Outdoor knife from the city of blades

    Outdoor professionals know that good equipment is essential. One of the most indispensable tools for camping, hiking, fishing or a walk through the wilderness is the right knife. Effective functionality and high quality are crucial. The Pocket knife shop von Messervertrieb Rottner therefore offers a large selection Outdoor knife from Solingen and guarantees top quality, among other things through close cooperation with Solingen knife manufacturers is guaranteed.

    The right blade for every purpose

    Not all knives are the same. In terms of form and functionality, the variations are as diverse as the various purposes for which they are needed. For everyday use at home, in the garden or in nature is a Leisure knife a reliable and loyal companion. Due to its high-quality workmanship and its blade made of the best steel, you can always rely on it, with good care even for a lifetime! A good all-rounder like that Solingen pocket knife with various integrated tools, depending on the version, can already combine a wide range of functions. When camping, such a knife with a fold-out can and bottle opener, corkscrew, scissors and of course a sharp blade is a small all-rounder that can replace many missing or forgotten tools. With higher demands, of course, you reach your limits at some point. Special applications usually also require a specialized knife that is one hundred percent adjusted to its area of application. The online shop of Messervertrieb Rottner offers you both a variety of fixed Outdoor knife as well as on Pocket knife from Solingen for every application. Be it knives for working wood, cutting fabrics, cords, tarpaulins and much more. Are you an angler? In this case it should be a good one Fishing knife of course belong to your equipment. It is both a specialist and an all-rounder, which is suitable for cutting lines as well as for filleting the catch and can also be used immediately for the preparation of the fish. You can find these and many other knives in our shop, as well Axes and Axes as well as various other cutting tools from Solingen quality brands such as Hartkopf, Robert Klaas or Hubertus. If you are a hunter, you will surely find exactly what you are looking for under our heading “Hunting Knives”.

    What to look out for when buying Solingen knives

    A good knife is characterized by its quality in terms of material and workmanship, regardless of whether it is a simple leisure knife or a professional precision tool. A well-made, robust knife will last a lifetime if properly cared for. Knife from Solingen have a worldwide reputation that stands for itself and with which you are well advised when purchasing your knife. A Solingen blade is characterized by the fact that it does not dull too quickly and is easy to sharpen if necessary. But not only a high-quality blade makes a good knife, processing with the handle and, in the case of folding knives, the optimal ease of movement when folding in and out is also very important. The latter should neither be too light nor too heavy, which is crucial for safe operation. Last but not least, a good knife should lie ideally in the hand and be well balanced so that even longer work does not lead to early exertion. With our advice you will Knife from Solingen find one that suits you and that you will enjoy for a long time. Please do not hesitate to contact us, your satisfaction is our top priority.

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