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robert-klaas-pocket knife-flaschenerl-bog oak-from-solingen
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Robert Klaas pocket knife with a bottle

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84,99  - 99,99 



Robert Klaas Solingen

Blade length

overall length

17.8 cm


70 g

Blade steel


Blade height

1.5 cm

Blade strength

2.9 mm




30 ° - both sides

Handle material

Grenadilla wood

Leather case

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  • Recycling packaging of knives
Made in Solingen. This article is manufactured in Solingen. Made in Solingen. This article is manufactured in Solingen.


Robert Klaas pocket knife with a bottle

The Robert Klaas pocket knife with a bottle is a very nice gentleman's knife. The blade has a vintage spearpoint blade shape. Typically the one-sided swedge is on the back of the tip. Not sharpened, but a nice design element. The dilution ensures that the tip is perfect for precision work.

The handle of this Robert Klaas knife is made of centuries-old bog oak. This is oak that has been preserved under water or on the ground for a long time. This preservation process makes it very dark in color and extremely hard. The rivets and the jaws are made of high quality nickel silver.

This pocket knife has a spear point blade. It is opened with two hands and held open with a slipjoint. This combination of two-handed opening and the lack of a lock means that you can carry this knife with you almost anywhere.

The blade is optionally made of carbon steel, also called carbon steel. This type of steel has a high carbon content and few luxurious alloy elements. A real archetype, as it was used for knives in the past. As a result, this steel is super easy to sharpen, which can be a huge advantage if you use the knife a lot. However, one should watch out for rust: carbon steel is not rustproof. A few drops of oil every now and then won't do any harm. The stainless version is intended for everyone who only uses their knife now and then and does not want to take care of it after each use.

In addition to the selection of the blade steel, you also have the option of choosing between a leather sheath made of camel leather or cowhide.

Robert Klaas

For over 180 years, Robert KLAAS in the blade city of Solingen has been producing perfect and durable cutlery. The Robert Klaas company can rightly be proud of the fact that their manufacture is one of the oldest companies in Solingen.

The factory brands “Störche” and “Hahn & Henne” enjoy the reputation of excellent cutlery all over the world.
Original KLAAS pocket knives are still traditionally made by hand. More than 100 different work steps are necessary before a new pocket knife is put together by an employee with a lot of experience and craftsmanship and the internal quality check is passed.

2 reviews for Robert Klaas pocket knife with a bottle

  1. esteban.abdala (verified owner) -

    Beautiful knife, extremely elegant, love blade shape.

  2. Michael -

    Very cleanly processed, price-performance ratio is definitely right here. Just like with the dealer: delivery prompt and uncomplicated.

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