Robert Klaas

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    Knives from Solingen from the pocket knife manufacturer Robert Klaas

    The city of Solingen is not called the city of blades for nothing. The heart of German cutlery production has been beating in the city since the Middle Ages. A blade forged in Solingen, that is long-lasting quality and has been known for several generations. This of course also applies to Robert Klaas pocket knife. The company is one of the oldest in the city and, following family tradition, is now in its seventh generation, producing not only pocket knives, but also manicure products, razors, scissors and household knives.

    A success-story

    Knives are lovingly made by hand, which meanwhile stand for the very best quality in many countries and continents. Robert Klaas pocket knife have made a name for themselves worldwide through their high quality. The origins of the company go back to 1834, when the former scissors maker Peter Daniel Pauls founded a workshop for the manufacture of spring knives in Solingen-Merscheid. In 1850 he specializes in the manufacture of high-quality pocket knives, which are already being sold in the USA. Paul's son-in-law Robert Klaas takes over the fortunes of the company in 1869, which is now listed in the commercial register under "Robert Klaas Solingen"is registered. Over the years the company has expanded steadily, in addition to the USA Klaas pocket knife also very popular in Central and South America. The new beginning after the Second World War is also successful. Robert Klaas Solingen can assert itself on the market with traditional craftsmanship and above-average quality.

    World-famous quality from Solingen

    In the course of the company's long history, the company has always remained in family hands and Klaas has also remained loyal to the location and has made a significant contribution to making Solingen known around the world as a knife city. Especially the classics "storks" and "rooster and hen" are international and especially in the United States as "Kissing Cranes pocket knife" and "Hen and Rooster pocket knife"The epitome of high-quality and long-lasting pocket knives. The pocket knives of the" Klaas "," Damast "and" klaas international "product lines are without exception top-class knives that are handcrafted by experienced pocket knives Klaas pocket knife The other fine cutting tools from the traditional Solingen company are also highly regarded. Whether kitchen and table knives, household, hairdressing, gardening or poultry shears, nail clippers or razors - the name Robert Klaas stands for high quality craft from Solingen.

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