Gehring chef's knife Damascus steel olive

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1x professional resharpening included



MYII Knife

Blade length


overall length

Chef's knife 15 cm: 28.2 cm
Chef's knife 20cm: 34.2 cm


Chef's knife 15 cm: 137 g
Chef's knife 20 cm: 207 g

Blade material

65 layers of damascus steel VG10

Blade strength

2.5 mm


On both sides

Handle material

Olive wood

Dishwasher safe


Manufacturer Art.-No.

KS3714DJR, KS3715DJR

  • Recycling packaging of knives
Made in Solingen. This article is manufactured in Solingen. Made in Solingen. This article is manufactured in Solingen.



  • Blade made of Damascus steel VG10
  • 65 layers of damascus steel
  • Shapely olive wood handles
  • Stainless steel bolster


Gehring chef's knife Damascus steel:

Thanks to its wide, medium-pointed blade, that becomes Gehring chef's knife made of Damascus steel preferred for cutting raw meat, fish and vegetables. The rounded edge is also good for weighing herbs, onions and garlic. The delivery takes place in a black gift box.

With this knife you can choose between a blade length of 15 cm and 20 cm.


Sharpening voucher

With the purchase of this knife, we give you a voucher card for professional re-sharpening free of charge. 

Even the best knives lose their sharpness over time, despite optimal use and storage. If the process has progressed too far, sharpening with a sharpening steel is no longer sufficient. With our sharpening voucher, we give you the opportunity to make your knife shine like new again. All further information can be found on the voucher card and on our Grinding service.


MYII Knife series:

The “MYII” knife series offers every professional and amateur cook a lot of joy in preparing the dishes. The high-quality damascus steel VG10 and the elegant ergonomic double bolster handle with olive wood give the knife a pleasant balance and enable easy, safe handling of the knife.


Gehring Solingen:

The cutlery manufacturer Gehring GmbH in Solingen has been producing knives and cutlery of the highest quality since 1956. When more and more manufacturers decided to relocate parts of their production to the Far East in the 1980s, the Gehring company took a different approach. Due to the expected loss of quality, it was decided to make greater use of the in-house qualifications and it was decided to continue to produce in Germany. A specialty of the house are Damascus knives in different designs, such as the processing of Damascus steel (multi-layer steel) VG 10. The very sharp edge made of a strongly bonded carbon steel (VG10) is ice-hardened (approx. 59-61 HRC Rockwell). A rust-resistant and flexible Damascus steel with 32 layers each is applied to both outer sides.

These protect the knife from breakage and corrosion. If you add up the layers of both outer sides and the core material, the blade consists of 65 layers. By grinding the blade, the layers are severed differently in the longitudinal and transverse directions, giving them a personal appearance. The optical brilliance of the tree ring-like structure gives the knife, in combination with the ergonomically shaped handle, which is available in stainless steel and also in olive wood, a maximum of aesthetics

18 reviews for Gehring Kochmesser Damaststahl Olive

  1. Andre -

    Top Messer, super scharf und schön ist es auch noch.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  2. Matthias -

    Liegt sehr gut in der Hand, schneidet sauber und ist noch hübsch dazu, war nicht das letzte.

    Verified purchase. More information

  3. wolfgang -

    Die Lieferung erfolgte (auch vor Weihnachten) sehr kurzfristig. Das Messer ist sehr wertig gearbeitet und liegt gut in der Hand. Die Messerbox sieht sehr gut aus, Gutschein für Nachschärfen liegt bei.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  4. Hans Gerhard -

    Very nice, slim knife. Balanced well to very well and therefore feels just as good in the hand. It can always be sharper, but with tomatoes, at a very acute angle, the skin can still be removed very thinly. Clear purchase recommendation!

    Not verified purchase. More information

  5. Thomas -

    very good

    Not verified purchase. More information

  6. Markus -

    I can only recommend the knife! Top workmanship, very nice design, fits well in the hand and is not too heavy, delivery in a storage box. In short, anytime again!

    Not verified purchase. More information

  7. Janine -

    Great product, high quality finish.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  8. Menendez Flores -

    I am very satisfied with the knife, great communication, and with the good service.
    Thank you and kind regards.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  9. Niklas -

    The damask knife with a blade length of 15 cm looks very good and is super sharp. What I really like is that it is pleasantly light and feels great in the hand. Absolute recommendation.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  10. Sigrid -

    The order was delivered very quickly. The knife looks beautiful and feels good in the hand.
    I can't judge the usage yet, because I'm only giving away Christmas. Greetings

    Not verified purchase. More information

  11. Kenny -

    Hi thankyou for the knife. I am very pleased with it and for the service I have had.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  12. Stephan -

    Fast delivery. Knife looks very high quality.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  13. Markus -

    Super quality, the knife was there very quickly and the gift box looked very noble, gladly again

    Not verified purchase. More information

  14. Stefan -

    I decided on the variant with a 20 cm blade length. A really great knife. Sharpened to perfection! Lies ideally in the hand and is also not too heavy!

    Not verified purchase. More information

  15. Franziska -

    This knife is just gorgeous and super sharp at the same time! Clear recommendation. I'm already looking at the smaller version with a blade length of 15 cm, which I will treat myself to soon ?

    Not verified purchase. More information

  16. Elena -

    Very sharp knife which fits well in the hand. The price-performance ratio is good.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  17. Erwin -

    Everything is great, very fast delivery

    Not verified purchase. More information

  18. Susi -

    A damask knife has always been my dream. I cook a lot for the whole family and for my birthday they reciprocated and gave me this knife. It is great. I don't want to be without this knife in my kitchen anymore. I used to need time and some strength for a tomato, it is now a matter of seconds. It just works like that. However, I still have to get used to it. I have a lot of respect.

    Not verified purchase. More information

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