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Eickhorn KM4000

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1x professional resharpening included



Eickhorn Solingen

Blade length

Blade material

1.4110 stainless - forged

Blade strength

5 mm

overall length

30.2 cm

Handle length

13 cm


326 g


On both sides

Handle material

fiberglass reinforced plastic


Molle or IdZ-adapted Cordura / plastic sheath system

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  • Recycling packaging of knives
Made in Solingen. This article is manufactured in Solingen. Made in Solingen. This article is manufactured in Solingen.



  • Wire cutter and back saw
  • Blade made of 1.4110 stainless steel with black Kalgard coating
  • Glass fiber reinforced plastic handle and glass breaker at the end of the handle
  • Including Molle or IdZ-adaptable Cordura / plastic sheath system


Sharpening voucher

With the purchase of this knife, we give you a voucher card for professional re-sharpening free of charge.  Even the best knives lose their sharpness over time, despite optimal use and storage. However, if the process has progressed too far, sharpening with a sharpening steel is no longer sufficient. But with our sharpening voucher we give you the opportunity to let your knife shine in new splendor again. This means that your knife will be sharpened at the Wasserkraft Manufaktur in Solingen Wipperkotten. You can find all further information on the voucher card and on ours Grinding service.


Eickhorn KM4000:

The new model KM4000 offers in addition to the functions of the KM3000: wire cutter and back saw. The knife also has a newly designed and optimized tanto blade and a glass breaker at the end of the handle. The handle is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. The blade is made of 1.4110 stainless steel and has a black Kalgard coating as additional protection against corrosion. MOLLE or IdZ adaptable Cordura / plastic sheath system. The total length of the Eickhorn KM4000 is 30.2 cm of which 17.2 cm is the blade length and 13 cm of the handle. The blade thickness is 5 mm.


Eickhorn Solingen:

For over 150 years Eickhorn has been manufacturing its rescue, combat and bayonet knives for the authorities and has earned a worldwide reputation in this area, which is due to the high quality and functionality of the knives. But Eickhorn did not want to withhold his extraordinary knives from civilians, but also wanted to convince and inspire them with the innovative knife designs. So it is that Eickhorn now makes knives for everyone.

Centuries of experience, the most modern knife know-how and the very best raw materials are used in production. In the field of unique damask knives, Eickhorn has chosen the famous damask smith Markus Balbach. He is one of the best professionals in the European guild and this can be seen in every single one of his Damascus blades. He creates true masterpieces that shine in perfection and beautiful design.

Solingen, the city of blades, is home to Eickhorn and many other knife manufacturers. The expression "Made in Solingen" stands for the highest quality of cutlery and is also an obligatory promise that the manufacturers make to their homeland. Eickhorn stands for this homeland and with his name for the Solingen promise. Contrary to the decision of many other Solingen companies to relocate abroad, Eickhorn remains loyal and will also spend his future in the city of blades.

14 reviews for Eickhorn KM4000

  1. Ardit -

    Super fast creation of a fair offer for a laser engraving. Beautiful and exact implementation of my specifications.
    Faster shipping. Great experience. We recommend!

    Not verified purchase. More information

  2. Fernando -

    Super knife for the rough!

    Not verified purchase. More information

  3. Philip -

    as expected, perfect!

    Not verified purchase. More information

  4. Dirk -

    I would buy again!

    Not verified purchase. More information

  5. David -

    Super quality feels great in the hand.
    Best workmanship!

    Not verified purchase. More information

  6. Bernd -

    Top product, everything top, gladly again.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  7. Staskevicius -

    What a knife !! The price is absolutely justified, a knife has not fascinated me as much as this one for a long time.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  8. Quay -

    A knife that is worth every penny.
    I would purchase it again

    Not verified purchase. More information

  9. Christian -

    Knife is very good. Delivery very fast. In the pictures the Molle is in brown, but it is black.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  10. Simon -

    Eickhorn KM4000 a perfect knife for the outdoor area, super sharp, extremely resistant, also easy to use for chopping and splitting. The saw works fine and the wire cutter completes the whole thing.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  11. Sasha -

    Without words!!! MEGA brilliant! Best service!
    All products from Messervertrieb Rottner that I have bought for outdoor living and hunting!
    I can from the price and performance!
    And of course the quality of the companies
    Linder and Eickhorn made in Solingen Germany! I can only recommend it !!!!!!!!!

    Not verified purchase. More information

  12. Simon -

    As usual from Eichhorn, the knife is super sharp and can also be easily re-sharpened with the grinding wheel attached to the sheath. For a big hand, the handle is great and the wire cutter works perfectly. Perfect as a companion in the forest

    Not verified purchase. More information

  13. Rolf -

    The knife is absolute cream, I can highly recommend this KM 4000, it lies comfortably in the hand and is very sharp.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  14. Michael -

    After a great advice from Mr. Rottner, I decided on the 4000 KM. It is used on my hunting trips and serves as a knife for pretty much everything. Ingenious knife!

    Not verified purchase. More information

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