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Puma belt pouch adjustable in size

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Internal dimensions

approx. 9.5-12.0 x 3.5 x 1.5 cm


Saddle leather

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  • Recycling packaging of knives
Made in Germany. This item is made in Germany. Made in Germany. This item is made in Germany.
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Puma belt pouch

The Puma belt pouch is made of high quality satellite leather and handcrafted. This case can be easily attached to the belt so that you can always have your knife with you without worrying about losing it. The special thing about this case is that it is adjustable in size. This means that both smaller and larger pocket knives find their place in this case.

The belt case is suitable for the following knives:

210111 PUMA hunting pocket knife
210211 PUMA hunting pocket knife 3-part.
210311 PUMA hunting pocket knife 4 pcs.
210650 PUMA 2 + 2 ergon I, stag
210652 PUMA 2 + 2 ergon I with saw, stag
220650 PUMA 2 + 2 ergon I, cocobolo
220652 PUMA 2 + 2 ergon I with saw, cocobolo
210943 PUMA hunting pocket knife 3-part.
210945 PUMA hunting pocket knife, 4-part.
210563 PUMA medici
210745 PUMA 4-star stag
210900 PUMA Earl
210905 PUMA Duke
210985 PUMA Custom
210986 PUMA Custom with saw
212030 PUMA hunting pocket knife I
212330 PUMA hunting pocket knife II
212400 PUMA jata 240 M.
212401 PUMA jata 240 M with saw
212410 PUMA jata 240 G
212930 PUMA hunting pocket knife III
220705 PUMA 4-star wood
220985 PUMA custom, ebony
229850 PUMA custom, Honduras rosewood
230245 PUMA Sportec, hollow
230260 PUMA Lieutenant
230265 PUMA Sergeant
230270 PUMA general
230460 PUMA Cadet
230465 PUMA packer
230470 PUMA master
230700 PUMA Pretec Drop
230701 PUMA Pretec Spear
230702 PUMA Pretec Saw
231265 PUMA Captain
232265 PUMA Major
233852 PUMA ceramic
821081 PUMA IP diabolo, oak, damascus
822611 PUMA IP compania, pakka
829011 PUMA IP bocote
849111 PUMA IP lobezno, katex
828311 PUMA IP compania olive
828411 PUMA IP compania amaranth II
841211 PUMA IP birch III
841656 PUMA IP climbing wood
841658 PUMA IP climbing micarta
821066 PUMA IP aguja, olive
822018 PUMA IP el dedo, olive
822099 PUMA IP faisán olive
822113 PUMA IP paloma olive
821113 PUMA IP paloma stag
822098 PUMA IP faisán dúo, rosewood + olive
823011 PUMA IP castor olive
823012 PUMA IP castor toro
823014 PUMA IP castor yew
822017 PUMA IP marmota olive
822020 PUMA IP marmota bocota


PUMA has been manufacturing hunting, sports and leisure knives since 1769. In a city whose name is a registered trademark for quality knives and scissors for good reason: Solingen. PUMA lives up to the high demands of this city and has impressed with the highest quality in materials and workmanship for over 245 years. Optimal results are achieved through optimal processing. Puma achieves this through the interplay of traditional manual production and the latest technical know-how. Today, PUMA is a leader in the manufacture of hunting, sport and fishing knives. Worldwide, the name PUMA is synonymous with the highest quality and knife-edge know-how.

2 reviews for Puma Gürteletui größenverstellbar

  1. Friedhelm -

    Beautiful, stable, high-quality knife case in very good workmanship.
    I'm glad I don't have China Sch…. bought.
    Thank you very much

    Not verified purchase. More information

  2. Gerrit -

    Nice case, perfect !!!

    Not verified purchase. More information

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