Otter hunting pocket knife

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Otter Solingen

Blade length

overall length

23 cm


155 g

Blade steel



On both sides

Handle material


  • Recycling packaging of knives
Made in Solingen. This article is manufactured in Solingen. Made in Solingen. This article is manufactured in Solingen.


Otter hunting pocket knife 

The Otter hunting pocket knife: This powerful hunting pocket knife has a very nice and interesting release mechanism on the blade. The lever on the back of the handle is pushed forward to unlock. The spring is raised and the blade of the hunting pocket knife can be folded in. Ultimately, this mechanism ensures safe handling of the knife. The jaws, tang, levers and rivets are made of brass.

The handle is made of stag horn. Here the knife maker uses the natural shape of the horn, which makes each knife unique.

In our shop you can choose between a carbon steel and a rustproof blade. If you are looking for a utility knife, choose the blade made of carbon steel because of its easy resharpening and longer edge retention. The stainless steel is more resistant to moisture and also tasteless.

OTTER – Hot quality from Solingen since 1840

In 1840 the Otter knife manufactory was founded in a small Kotten, a water-powered grinding shop, in Solingen. The name comes from the otters who lived in the adjacent rivers and streams at that time. You can find them as a logo on every single Otter knife. Today, as then, the high-quality knives and pocket knives are traditionally made in Solingen manufactured. They are carefully handcrafted and precisely sharpened. In the Otter range there is something for everyone, knives for the household, the garden and hunting. All of them are made from only the best materials and are characterized by their robustness and edge retention.

3 reviews for Otter hunting pocket knife

  1. Uwe -

    For me as a hunter, the knife is a real hand flatterer.
    In addition, high quality and a pleasure for my eyes.

  2. Frank-Wilhelm -

    I'm very satisfied, thank you very much!!! Greetings and Horido ‼️

  3. Roland -

    Very fast delivery top quality. Gladly again. ??

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