Herder Eterno Kochmesser




Toucan Eterno

Blade length

Blade height

4.5 cm

overall length

35.5 cm


232 g

Blade material

Chromium Molybdenum - forged


On both sides

Blade hardness

58 Rockwell

Handle material

Hochwertiger Kunststoff (PPN)

Dishwasher safe


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  • Recycling packaging of knives
Made in Solingen. This article is manufactured in Solingen. Made in Solingen. This article is manufactured in Solingen.



  • Drop-forged
  • Polished by hand
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Lies comfortably in the hand


Herder Eterno Kochmesser

Bei diesem Artikel handelt es sich um ein original Kochmesser der Firma H. Herder aus Solingen. Die Marke “Tukan” steht für beste Qualität seit 1928.

The Herder chef's knives are of the highest quality and are perfect for use in the kitchen, for example to cut fruit and vegetables or meat and other products. In contrast to other products, the blade of this chef's knife does not bend due to the blade strength.

Alle Messer der Eterno-Serie sind im Gesenk geschmiedet, von Hand feingeschliffen und haben eine Härte von bis zu Rockwell 58. Die Eterno-Messer mit Griff aus Kunststoff genügen höchsten hygienischen Ansprüchen und sind spülmaschinenfest. Die Klinge ist von Hand abgezogen, was langanhaltende und äußerste Schärfe garantiert.

The knives are Made entirely by hand and in Solingen, the city of blades  and meet the highest quality standards. The Eterno series is a perfect complement to our other products and offers our customers noble knives of the absolute top class.


Herder - by hand with heart since 1928:

Since 1928 the company EL. Herder KG with its quality seal Tukan for the highest quality in the Solingen cutlery segment. The Herder company is a traditional Solingen company and still adheres to the old Solingen production and manufacturing methods. Today the Tukan combines two independent brands in one company: while the EL. Herder KG has specialized in the production of work and industrial knives, among other things for harvesting and slaughterhouses, H. Herder manufactures a wide variety of knives for professional and amateur cooks and everything you need for use in your own household. All knives made under the seal of the toucan are Made in Solingen. Through constant further development, the Herder company strives for a constantly increasing product quality and the expansion of the product range by creating new products.


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