Hubertus Jagdnicker
Hubertus Jagdnicker
Hubertus Jagdnicker Knife Sales Rottner
Hubertus Jagdnicker Knife Sales Rottner Solingen
Hubertus Jagdnicker with wooden handle
Hubertus Jagdnicker lying down
Hubertus Jagdnicker Knife Sales Rottner
Hubertus Jagdnicker in a black knife sheath

Hubertus Jagdnicker

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Hubertus Solingen

Blade length

, ,

overall length

10 cm Jagdnicker: 21 cm
11 cm Jagdnicker: 23 cm
12 cm Jagdnicker: 24 cm


10 cm Jagdnicker: 120 g
11 cm Jagdnicker: 150 g
12 cm Jagdnicker: 190 g

Blade height

10 cm Jagdnicker: 2.1 cm
11 cm Jagdnicker: 2.1 cm
12 cm Jagdnicker: 2.5 cm

Blade strength

10 cm Jagdnicker: 4 mm
11 cm Jagdnicker: 4 mm
12 cm Jagdnicker: 4 mm

Blade material

1.4034 stainless - forged


On both sides

Handle material



Brown sheath

  • Recycling packaging of knives
Made in Solingen. This article is manufactured in Solingen. Made in Solingen. This article is manufactured in Solingen.


Hubertus Jagdnicker

This handcrafted Hubertus Jagdnicker impresses with its attractive and beautifully structured stag horn bowls. The optionally 10 - 11 cm long blade is made of stainless high-performance steel 1.4034. This knife helps the hunter to break open large and small game without any problems, this high-quality knife is carefully handcrafted in Solingen. A brown sheath is included in the scope of delivery.

The classic one Jagdnicker with deer horn scales is still one of the best hunting knives for most hunters. The Jagdnicker can also be used universally as a pry knife and can be used for almost any hunter's work. Therefore the Hubertus Jagdnicker is an integral part of the hunting equipment.

In our shop you can choose between a blade length of 10 - 11 cm according to your needs.

Hubertus Solingen

HUBERTUS® knives are carefully handcrafted cutting tools that delight hunters and outdoor enthusiasts all over the world.

HUBERTUS has been a registered trademark® for cutlery and tools since 1899. The name is ultimately derived from Hubertus, the patron saint of hunters. In 1932, the knife company Hubertus settled in the heart of German knife manufacture - the blade city of Solingen. Just like then, the knives for hunting and outdoor activities are still carefully handcrafted here today.

The range of the Solingen knife company includes besides Hunting knivesNod (Woad knife) and Stag horn cutlery for nature lovers and hunters too pocket knife for everyday use. In addition, the company Hubertus offers for outdoor fans Cutlery pocket knife (Picnic knife) and Travel knife for leisure. All Hubertus knives are made from high quality materials.

Innovative HUBERTUS® rescue knives, such as the foldable knife series PROFESSIONAL RESCUE TOOL, are essential components of protective equipment for both German and international rescue services. Not only the emergency services recommend them Race and Rescue Knife Knife series with a fixed blade. These knives, classified as tools, are also essential for sailors and water sports enthusiasts.

3 reviews for Hubertus Jagdnicker

  1. Gerhard -

    Very good product, although I'm not an expert. Was a gift. Very friendly and helpful seller, had a phone call. The engraving also met my expectations. I would buy here again at any time. Absolutely to be recommended!

  2. Nicholas -

    Super processed and very hot!

  3. Marco -

    I decided on the variant with the 10 cm blade. I am fully satisfied with the goods and customer service!

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