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    WÜSTHOF Solingen - 200 years of quality from Solingen

    Since 1814 WÜSTHOF Solingen, family-owned to this day, produce impressive knives of absolute perfection. The manufactory in which the WÜSTHOF Solingen kitchen knives of the highest quality are made every day has been well-known for 200 years City of Blades loyal and produces exclusively in Solingen. Even in the early days, the range of knives from WÜSTHOF included around 1,200 models such as handmade Pocket knives, paring knives, bread knives and butcher knives. In times of industrialization, the Dreizackwerk was opened, which is still the headquarters of WÜSTHOF Solingen today, and the design of the well-known trident logo, for which a patent was directly applied for. In addition to numerous milestones in history, one was the development of the WÜSTHOF Classic series, which became a worldwide success. The same uncompromising quality runs through the entire range of WÜSTHOF Solingen kitchen knives such as paring knives, chef's knives, carving knives, bread knives and boning knives. WÜSTHOF Messer Solingen willMade in Germany" and exported to 80 countries around the world, where they make the hearts of amateur cooks and professionals in upscale gastronomy beat faster. The unique production of the knives takes place in more than 40 work steps. The traditional Solingen craftsmanship is supported with advanced manufacturing processes that make WÜSTHOF knives from Solingen even more exact, finer and more precise. In interaction with the many years of experience, the unbroken passion and the highest standards of quality, the result of the knives from WÜSTHOF Solingen is unsurpassed. For this reason, a selection of WÜSTHOF kitchen knives should not be missing in our online shop. We share the date with WÜSTHOF Solingen Knife sales Rottner the passion for high-quality knives and that already in the 4th generation. In our range we have some of the best knives from WÜSTHOF Solingen, which are based on different kitchen chores judge. Convince yourself of the variety of masterpieces from the premium manufacturer. With every WÜSTHOF knife, whether boning knife, chef's knife or bread knife, you can rely on functionality, precise and sharp blades, an aesthetically sophisticated design and a long service life. perfection, which you will experience – cut by cut. Once you have found a WÜSTHOF knife from Solingen, you can order your favorites conveniently and easily in our online shop. Take your time to look around and benefit from our attractive price-performance ratio.

    Wüsthof knives - Made in Solingen

    The knife city of Solingen - a city that is known worldwide. The Wüsthof knives are manufactured in 40 work steps and have stood for quality and sharpness for more than 200 years. While other companies are relocating their knife production abroad such as South America or Asia, Wüsthof attaches great importance to the German workmanship. And not only that is the reason why the knives are “Made in Solingen”: The identity of the blade city of Solingen and the heritage are further reasons to continue to produce in Germany.

    Wüsthof Messer at Rottner Knife Sales

    In the online shop of Messervertrieb Rottner you will find various chef's and kitchen knives from the brand Wusthof such as:

    Would you like something very special for your kitchen and your passion for cooking? How about a knife block with the knives commonly used in the kitchen? Wüsthof kitchen knives: a large selection in our online shop.

    Each of these knives is in 40 work steps made from Wüsthof steel. The material is a special mixture of vanadium, chromium, stainless steel and molybdenum. The latest robot and laser technology is used to produce precise results. And wherever manual work, a sure instinct and a good eye are required, the company relies on its employees.

    High quality kitchen knives - the features

    High quality Kitchen and chef's knives are characterized by their permanent sharpness, their resilience and easy re-sharpening. The ergonomically shaped handle not only offers a good grip, but also prevents accidental slipping. The Wüsthof kitchen knives prove themselves in daily use and convince with their excellent functionality.

    Which Wüsthof knife for which cut material?

    There are 350 different ones in total Wusthof knifethat differ in their blade length and shape. Straight, long, short or curved blade - every knife is suitable for cutting a certain material to be cut. knife with a smooth edge, the so-called bevel, are suitable for cutting meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. The Wüstenhof knives with a serrated edge are perfect for cutting bread. But hard foods such as ham or hard cheese can also be cut very well with the serrated knife.

    Our tip: The name of the knife already indicates the intended use.

    The advantages of a knife from WÜSTHOF Solingen

    Are you looking for something very special for your kitchen and want to match your passion for cooking with a real one? quality knife give new expression? Then we recommend a knife from WÜSTHOF Solingen. Experience for yourself what is created when quality material, a traditional and innovative processing, the unmistakable eye for aesthetics and genuine dedication come together and unite in a single knife. WÜSTHOF knives convince with functional properties as well as with the finest balance and a long-term sharpness. Each WÜSTHOF knife from Solingen is made from high-quality steel in an unbelievable 40 work steps. This is a special mixture made of vanadium, chrome, stainless steel and molybdenum. In order to achieve precise results that customers value so much, WÜSTHOF knives are made even more genuine craftsmanship and the combination with the latest robot and laser technology. And where manual work and instinct and a good eye are required, the company relies on its more than 400 qualified and professional experienced employees. A high-quality kitchen and chef's knife from WÜSTHOF Solingen is characterized by its lasting sharpness, its high resilience and easy resharpening. With WÜSTHOF Solingen knives, for example, the handle is ergonomically shaped, which makes handling easier, gentler and smoother. Next to the good grip This also reduces the risk of accidentally slipping. Each of the WÜSTHOF kitchen knives proves itself in daily use and is the perfect companion in the kitchen.

    Our selection of WÜSTHOF kitchen knives

    Around 350 different WÜSTHOF kitchen knives with different blade lengths and blade shapes the manufacturer presents in its range. The right WÜSTHOF knife from Solingen can be found for every material to be cut. The WÜSTHOF chef's knife is a real all-rounder that can do almost any kitchen work and should definitely have a place in your kitchen Basic equipment take in. For cutting meat, fish, vegetables and fruit, choose WÜSTHOF knives with a smooth edge, such as the carving knife, which impresses with its immense sharpness. On the other hand, it is small, handy and versatile WÜSTHOF Icon paring knife with its slender blade and smooth edge. Do you want to wafer-thin slices filleting to perfection, then the WÜSTHOF filleting knife is the perfect choice. Breads can be not only easy, but also shapely cut with the WÜSTHOF bread knives, which come with a serrated edge. For Sunday breakfast, WÜSTHOF Solingen has special breakfast knives that cut every roll perfectly. Our tip: Decide on solid basic equipment of the most important kitchen gadgets from WÜSTHOF in an elegant knife block and expand the selection according to your individual needs needs. sets like this WÜSTHOF steak knife set are also ideal for gifts. The daily use of knives, including WÜSTHOF knives, eventually takes its toll. Even with optimal storage and use, this reduces over time sharpness. If the blade is already dull, it can no longer be sharpened with a normal sharpening steel. Trust the grind Your WÜSTHOF Solingen knives to an expert. With the cooperation of Wasserkraft Manufaktur we offer you a professional grinding service. With some WÜSTHOF knives we already have one for you Sharpening voucher attached.

    Find the perfect WÜSTHOF knife from Solingen now with our service benefits

    Every WÜSTHOF knife from Solingen is on quality hard to beat and will no doubt transform the way you work in the kitchen. Use our exquisite selection of high-quality WÜSTHOF knives and experience the absolute for yourself lace craft of the traditional company in the seventh generation. Order your favorite knife directly from our online shop with a purchase value of €30 or more free shipping. We ensure that the WÜSTHOF knives are shipped from Solingen in 2 to 4 working days. You can also expect various things from us payment options as well as the purchase on account. At all to ask We are personally there for you about WÜSTHOF Solingen or an individual consultation. Just take this Contact with our service experts. We look forward to you!

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