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    Nesmuk knives - cutting experience without compromise

    Perfection, innovation and a sensual Cutting experience Cut by cut - that's what Nesmuk knives have stood for for many years. Nesmuk Solingen provides the highest quality by selecting innovative Blade steel, fascinating handle materials, careful processing and the combination of real craftsmanship with modern technologies. The result: Thanks to continuous research and development, Nesmuk knives unmistakably merge into a unity of design and function. Above all, the impressive sharpness of the Nesmuk knives makes the models a real one worldwide quality product, which is highly valued in private kitchens as well as in gastronomy. Nesmuk Knives are among the excellent and special kitchen helpers that are undoubtedly forged to last. With a Nesmuk knife you can be sure that quality, level of detail and functionality are more than convincing. Once you've had the pleasure of working with a Nesmuk knife, you'll want this one impressive Guaranteed never to miss an experience again. In addition to the outstanding production, it is above all the selection of steel types and technologies that set Nesmuk Solingen apart from other knife manufacturers. According to the manufactory, these should never have been used in the cutting industry in this form before. There is no question that Nesmuk knives are something special and so a fine selection has earned a permanent place in our online shop. With us at Messervertrieb Rottner you will always find only the best knives from Solingen. A Nesmuk knife meets all our high standards quality requirements, so that you can buy Nesmuk knives from us at attractive conditions. Discover, among other things, Nesmuk chef's knives with different handles. It is best to browse through our range of high-quality knives from Solingen and find the perfect knife for your high demands. Buy a Nesmuk knife that will last you for a long time all kitchen work faithfully at your side.

    Nesmuk knives - the excellent kitchen gadgets from Solingen

    The Nesmuk knife are among the excellent and special kitchen helpers. These knives are characterized by the highest possible sharpness and are made to last. In the production of kitchen knives, the company relies on certain types of steel and technologies that, according to the company, have never been used in the cutlery industry. Nesmuk knife: Perfection and innovation and the "Made in Solingen".

    What makes them so special - the Nesmuk knives?

    It's not just the innovative manufacturing that's what Knife from Solingen makes it so special. It is the blade material and its texture as well as the high-quality handle materials. Rust-resistant and very hard stainless steels are used at Nesmuk to produce the special class of knives. The blades of the Nesmuk kitchen knife are very thin and are characterized by their hollow ground on one side or, depending on the type of knife, on both sides. This can only be made with very high quality steels.

    The shape of the blade can be described as idiosyncratic. Lars Scheidler borrowed this form as the developer of the Nesmuk knife an original form of a knife that is over 3,500 years old. He reinterpreted this original form and perfected it, and the result is impressive. Handcrafted precision and functionality stand for the kitchen and chef's knives from Knife manufacture.

    The trademark of Nesmuk's kitchen knives is the bat symbol. The knives that meet the company's high quality standards receive the seal of approval.

    Nesmuk knives in the online shop of Messervertrieb Rottner

    We carry them in our online shop: The Nesmuk kitchen knives. Also choose high quality knives like:

    The handcrafted chef's knives are manufactured in over 40 work steps: from forging and fire welding to hardening and water grinding. The result is accordingly excellent and extraordinary, paired with the highest precision and perfection. The design makes it possible: the knives can be used left or right-handed.

    The Nesmuk knife block - ideal for your kitchen knives

    As a stylish storage option for your Nesmuk knife we offer you stylish knife blocks. They are true pieces of jewelry, made of walnut or oak, combined with glass - modern and elegant at the same time. Thanks to strong magnets, the kitchen knives adhere to the knife block.

    What makes knives from Nesmuk Solingen so special?

    On the one hand, Nesmuk is valued worldwide for its innovative production and, on the other hand, it impresses with the blade and handle materials used in its Nesmuk knives. The immense hard stainless steel is uniquely stable, robust and rust-resistant. Each blade of the Nesmuk knives is forged extremely thin and shines with a hollow grind on one or both sides, depending on the type of knife. The Nesmuk Soul chef's knife, for example, shines with a one-sided hollow grind. In general, a honing is only possible if knives are made from the best steel. A directly visible quality feature of the Nesmuk knives. Looking at it, you might think that Nesmuk knives are quite idiosyncratic bring blade form. However, this distinguishes Nesmuk knives from Solingen. For this, the template was used 3,500 years old, original shape of a knife and completely reinterpreted by Nesmuk and perfected through the combination of craftsmanship and modern manufacturing processes. In the end there are Nesmuk knives that combine precision and functionality and typically with the bat icon appear as a trademark. The seal of quality characterizes all Nesmuk knives that, after a careful final inspection, meet all quality standards and leave the manufactory.

    Our selection of Nesmuk knives

    In our range you will find a large selection of Nesmuk Damascus knives that offer brilliant sharpness, high cutting performance and edge retention. You will also find a well-assorted selection of Nesmuk knives from the EXCLUSIVE series, which are primarily used with your details fascinate The short blades of the handy Nesmuk knives are particularly easy to use, so that in combination with the immense sharpness, precise cuts are safe. Whether for preparing and preparing or for peeling, the Nesmuk knives as office knives are suitable for versatile kitchen work. The knives are also the ideal introduction to Nesmuk's EXKLUSIV collection and can be optimally supplemented. The Nesmuk knives use Damascus steel made of carbon steel, which has a high carbon content and rare metals such as tungsten and ensures the incomparable sharpness. Unlike Damascus steel, the paring knives from the EXCLUSIV series are rust-resistant. In cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology, Nesmuk developed a glass-like NPC coating known as Nesmuk Protective Coating and introduced the blades of the EXKLUSIV series corrosion protects. All Nesmuk knives can be comfortably wielded with both the right and left hand. When it comes to the choice of material for the handle, Nesmuk Solingen relies on, among other things Olive wood or Karelian curly birch. The knives from the Nesmuk Janus collection are particularly elegant, with a black blade come along and bring a unique refinement with a coating with high-quality DLC technology (Diamond-Like-Carbon). Thus, the Nesmuk knives resistant against acids, bases, extreme temperatures as well as scratch and abrasion resistant. With every Nesmuk knife you will find an exclusive sharpening voucher from us. Even if Nesmuk knives will accompany you reliably for many years, every knife loses its sharpness at some point. If the blade is already blunt, a normal sharpening steel will no longer help. With us you put it resharpening in professional hands, which means that we can offer you one for your Nesmuk knives high quality Grinding service able to offer.

    Find your Nesmuk knife now and benefit from our service advantages

    Nesmuk knives impress across the board with unique properties, a unmistakable Design and highest quality at all levels. With us you will find Nesmuk knives, which you can buy directly in our Online shop to buy. If you are missing a model, do not hesitate to contact us. because of our excellent Contacts to the leading knife manufacturers in Solingen, we can also meet individual requests for Nesmuk knives. From a purchase value of 30 €, shipping is free of charge and your package with your selection of Nesmuk knives will be with you in 2 to 4 working days. We keep different for your order payment options like the invoice purchase ready. The perfect Finishing get our knives with one personal engraving. It is perfect as Gift for the kitchen for every occasion. Do you have any questions about Nesmuk knives or our other knives from Solingen? You're welcome Contact to our service team. We are happy to take the time for a detailed consultation.

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