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    Linder knife Solingen

      The name Linder can be traced in the archives of the city of Solingen for centuries. Many members of the "Messmacher" guild bore this name. They were grinders, smiths or hardeners and passed on their knowledge from generation to generation. When Solingen came under French rule at the beginning of the 19th century, Napoleon revoked the privileges of the guilds. He introduced complete freedom of trade and thus created the prerequisites for the emergence of a large number of independent cutlery companies, including some with the name Linder.

    Linder - a name from then until now

    According to Napoleon's orders, the companies had to be named like the owner. So if the son took over the company, the company had to bear the son's name. Establishments that were already well-known at the time managed to do so by adding the father's well-known name (e.g. Friedr. Herder Abr. Sohn). It was only after the establishment of the German Empire that a new order for the continuation of a company name emerged. The name of a company, once entered in the commercial register, could now be retained unchanged even if the owner changed. Carl Linder's business was insignificant in the 19th century. It can be seen in the second half of the last century that Carl Wilh. Linder, as an independent trader, was involved in the manufacture of lock knives with stag horn coverings for hunting purposes. The son, Carl Linder, continued the family business. It was not until 1908 that its business reached a level that required entry in the commercial register. This entry made it possible for the company name Carl Linder to be retained. linder-super-edge-2-hunting knife-outdoor knife-solingen

    Linder under the Rosenkaimer family

    In 1937 the cutler Paul Rosenkaimer (1899-1985) acquired the business from the widow Carl Linder. Since then, Linder has been run by the third generation of the Rosenkaimer family. The Rosenkaimers come from one of the old Solingen "Meßmacher" families. The first entry of the oldest surviving drawing roll of the "Messmacher" (knife maker) guild in Solingen dates to January 24th, 1691. It says that a member of the Rosenkaimer family sold a trademark inherited from father and grandfather on that day. Through the centuries, "knife making" has remained the family tradition. Linder®, Linder-Messer® and Rehwappen® are registered trademarks of Carl Linder Nachf .. Even the oldest surviving documents from Carl Linder show that the production program at that time included the same type of goods: knives with fixed blades for sports, hiking, hunting and Costume.

    Still true to yourself, even after many years

    Of course, the market and with it the range of products offered by Linder changed over the decades. But the basis and purpose of the business remained essentially unchanged. Traditional knives (by the way, a term used for the first time by the Linder company for the Bavarian stiletto knives), daggers, sheath knives, Bowie knives and many other knives for use outside of the house are manufactured in-house. Linder achieves a special position in the area of these knives through the use of the finest materials and consistent quality control during processing.

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