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    Güde knives - incomparable precision

    Güde knives stand for quality at the highest level and are now in the fourth generation. Meet at each of the exclusive Güde knives traditional craftsmanship on modern manufacturing processes and materials that leave no doubt about the value, the extraordinary design and the functionality. Depending on the line, hand-forged Güde knives are made from a piece of chrome-vanadium-molybdenum steel or round Damascus steel 50 processing steps. Due to the selected raw materials and the particularly careful production, Güde knives from Solingen convince with an excellent balance, an immensely high edge retention and a remarkably long sharpness.

    Güde knives from Solingen, the city of blades

    Solingen has the nickname “City of Blades.” The city was already known as the center of the German cutlery industry in the Middle Ages. This is thanks, among other things, to the company Güde. Already since 1910 and in the fourth generation have been here knife forged with the highest quality. The company was founded by Franz Güde founded. After the founding period, his son Karl took over the manufacture and built the brand Güde on. The company places the highest priority on craftsmanship and is considered a creative and ambitious knife manufacturer. Small numbers of items are manufactured here with the highest quality.

    Güde Messer: quality and creativity

    Quality combined with an unmistakable creativity that has existed for many years international begeistert. Güde Messer werden ferner nur in kleinen Stückzahlen hergestellt, damit die höchste Qualität auch stets gewahrt bleibt.

    Let yourself be as well as numerous customers of Good knife convince. The passion for high-quality Güde knives can be seen, felt and experienced. Every Güde knife is a masterpiece and places high demands on a knife excellent cutting ability and undoubtedly does more than justice to them. Our range would be inconceivable without Güde knives from Solingen exquisite selection. Güde Messer kaufen Sie unter anderem als Güde Brotmesser, Kochmesser, Schälmesser, Schinkenmesser und viele weitere Modelle. Stöbern Sie gleich durch unser Sortiment an einmaligen Güde Messern aus Solingen und entdecken Sie das perfekte Modell oder gleich unser clever zusammengestelltes Güde Messerset for your kitchen.

    What makes Güde Messer so unique?

    Güde knives come with an extremely well thought-out structure and are therefore in terms of function and handling nearly perfect. Hardly any other manufacturer understands like Güde Solingen how to fine-tune the proportions of a knife so that you can always be precise and smooth-running Schnitt immer wieder überrascht wird.

    Die Klingen der Güde Messer sind aus hochwertigen Chrom-Vanadium-Molybdän-Stahl oder Damaststahl gefertigt und entstehen aus einem Stück. Nach aufwendigen 40 Bearbeitungsschritten besitzen Güde Messer Solingen eine extreme Schärfe, sind beeindruckend robust, langlebig und rostfrei.

    Bis heute sind Kochmesser oder Küchenmesser von Güde aus zahlreichen privaten, aber auch gastronomischen Küchen nicht mehr wegzudenken. Aufgrund der verschiedenen Klingenvarianten bedienen Güde Messer aus Solingen unterschiedliche Anforderungen an das Schneiden, je nach Schneidgut. Neben dem Allrounder mit glatter Klinge sind Güde Brotmesser mit dem bekannten Wellenschliff veredelt, sodass sich Brot und vieles mehr mit einem einzigen, sauberen Schnitt trennen lässt. Hingegen kommen Santokumesser mit dem Kullenschliff daher, sodass Anhaftungen vermieden werden.

    Güde chef's knives or Güde bread knives are a guarantee in every household. The range of Güde knives is supplemented with special editions like the damask knife. Güde repeatedly works with renowned experts and designers on his drafts and designs. Every Güde knife only leaves the manufactory after one extensive control, which ensures that all quality criteria are met.

    Our exquisite selection of Güde knives

    Güde knives from Solingen are available from us with different blades, lengths and in different variants. You can buy Güde knives individually or optionally as a Professional knife set Solingen. Among other things, the Güde Alpha series is famous and appreciated, which already entire spectrum covers on knives. From paring knives to Güde bread knives to boning knives, ham knives, cheese knives and many other types of knives, nothing is left to be desired. When it comes to the handle scales of the Güde knives, you have the choice between exquisite woods such as 80-year-old oak wood, which is made from wine barrels, or easy-care wood plastic handles. Eine wahre Innovation bei Güde Messern bringen die Micarta-Messer mit. Hierbei besteht die Griffschale aus einem Verbund zwischen Baumwolle und Epoxidharz.

    Formschön, elegant und mit ebenso perfekten Schneideigenschaften zeigen sich ferner die Damastmesser aus Damaststahl. Diese Güde Messer bieten eine brillante Schärfe, incomparable cutting performance and a high edge retention, as they are made of extremely hard steel that is ground very thin. Since Güde knives made of Damascus steel are not rustproof, careful care is immensely important. We would be happy to provide you with detailed information. If you buy a Güde knife from us, you will receive a sharpening voucher from us for many variants. Even the best knife loses its sharpness over time. If a Güde knife from Solingen is already very blunt, that's enough resharpening with a normal sharpening steel is no longer enough. In this case, we take over the professional resharpening of your Güde knives with ours Grinding service in cooperation with our professional partner.

    Visit to the workshop of Güde Solingen

    Handcrafted for the perfect result

    Below we would like to give you a few impressions of the production of a Güde knife. Depending on the type of knife, there are up to 70 work steps to the finished knife.

    Forge blank


    oil bath

    coarse grinding

    Customize grips

    Fine honing of the blade

    Honest craftsmanship since 1910

    In order to illustrate the complex production once again, the Güde company decided to make a short video in which the individual steps of knife production are shown.

    Buy Güde knives and enjoy our service benefits

    Just like Güde Messer Solingen for unmistakable quality stand, we have the highest demands on our service. All Güde knives can be ordered directly from our online shop. If you are missing a Güde knife, please let us know and we will take care of yours right away individual Inquiry.

    From a purchase value of €30, you can have your Güde knives shipped to you free of charge. Your Güde knife from Solingen will be with you within 2 to 4 working days and ready for use in your kitchen. We offer you with us numerous Means of payment, such as convenient purchase on account. With our engraving service you can give a Güde knife from Solingen a personal note or as Gift for the kitchen the final touch.

    Do you have questions about our Güde knives?

    If you have any questions about the Güde knives from Solingen or our other range, please do not hesitate to contact us Contact with our service team. We are happy to take the time to address your concerns.