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    Best quality from tradition and progress - Puma IP knives

    The Solingen knife company Puma has been producing high-quality outdoor knives for over 250 and has delighted hunters and nature lovers for centuries. Has the seat Puma IP in the city of Solingen, which bears the name Klingenstadt for a reason.

    The Puma IP brand

    Puma IP is a brand of Puma Solingen, which arises from a collaboration with a Spanish manufacturer. The knives are designed and controlled in Solingen, but made in Spain. They get Puma outdoor knife a Mediterranean touch, such as handles made of sturdy olive wood instead of the classic stag horn. So did the company puma especially for his IP Brand redesigned some classics and crafted with Spanish influence. This includes:  

    Between tradition and progress - outdoor knives from Puma

    The traditional manufacture retains its greatest value at PUMA. The traditional company does not want to do without the craftsmanship of its employees, their wealth of ideas and personality. The long-standing employees bring skills that a machine cannot replace. Therefore, at the end of every process, there is still a quality check by the experienced eye of the employees.

    A global synonym for success

    Puma Solingen is today a leader in the production of hunting, sports and Outdoor knife. Worldwide, the name Puma is synonymous with the highest quality and knife-edge know-how. Familiar when designing the knife collections Puma IP on the many years of experience and skills of leading knife makers, designers, hunting and trekking specialists. They make a big contribution to the fact that in the end a product is created that corresponds to the complete satisfaction of the customers.

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