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    FELIX Solingen - One of the oldest knife manufacturers in the world!

    The Felix Solingen Manufactory is one of the best-known and oldest knife manufacturers in the world. In 1790 Karl Gustav Felix founded the Solingen knife manufacture. From the beginning, the company focused on the production of high-quality cutlery. Karl Gustav Felix came from a farming family and had learned to forge in the court forge. After completing his apprenticeship as a cutler, Karl Gustav Felix decided to manufacture his own knives. The company's first name was Gustav Felix Cutting goods factory. Even today these knives are among the best knives in the world.

    The traditional Solingen company Felix

    The special thing about Felix Chef's knives are the raw materials that are of high quality. The Zepter brand was taken over by the Swiss Zepter Group in 2012. Felix continues these knives as premium cutlery. The mark Felix Zepter offers its customers various series of high-quality special kitchen knives. Felix First Class is one of them. Chef's knife from the First Class series are true luxury items for a fair price.

    The manufacturing process

    Felix Blades are characterized by an even grain. The Chef's knife are resistant to corrosion and have a high edge retention. In order to complete a knife, up to 40 work steps are required, which are mainly carried out by hand. This traditional production creates a kitchen knife that is made with precision. Felix Chef's knife are forged from one piece of steel. The blanks are ice-hardened and then manufactured in several grinding processes. After the coarse sanding, the fine sanding takes place. These individual grinding processes give the surface of the blade a fine structure. During assembly, the handle is adapted to the knife blade. In the process of making it, the surface of the handle is smoothed. When grinding, the grinding belts become finer and finer in order to give the knife a perfect finish. The final inspection of all Felix Kitchen knives happen under special light. This ensures that only perfect knives are sent to the customer. Each Chef's knifethat is not perfect is rejected. Only in this way can Felix Solingen to maintain its optimal quality.

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