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    Salmon knife - the specialist for wafer-thin slices

    A good salmon is best enjoyed in thin, thin slices. The finer the salmon, the more enjoyable it is when eaten. The Salmon knife from Solingen has a particularly long and flexible blade to achieve the best possible results at work. In addition, it can also be used excellently for cutting ham. If you are not satisfied with a conventional ham knife, you can use one Salmon knife achieve better results and cut and enjoy the finest strips of ham. Due to the slim and thin blade and the resulting flexibility as well as the razor-sharp edge, you can use a Salmon knife work with almost surgical precision. Another special feature of this specialist are the so-called kullen, hollows worked into the blade, which prevent the clippings from sticking and allow them to slide through the salmon with as little resistance as possible. Depending on your requirements, there are Rottner in the online shop of Messervertrieb Salmon knife from Solingen available both with and without incorporated dimples.

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    Quality and care

    With us you will only find goods with high quality standards. Our close cooperation with top manufacturers such as Güde from Solingen guarantees you the best material and the most demanding workmanship. The robustness and sharpness of the blade are characteristics of the cutlery, a guarantee for a long service life with proper care another. This also includes the correct storage of your knife. Salmon knife from Solingen do not fit into a conventional knife block due to their special length, which is around 30 cm on average, well above the standard. It is therefore advisable to protect the blade with a cover. These are ideal for Salmon knife made blade cases. Due to the high quality workmanship as well as good care and storage Salmon knife from Solingen long its sharpness and rarely needs to be sharpened As with all of our offers, you can ask about the proper care Let us advise your salmon knife personally via email or phone - we will be happy to help.

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