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    Kitchen knife from Solingen

    No two knives are alike. There is therefore a suitable one for every need Kitchen knife from Solingen. Be it for daily use or for a special project, Solingen kitchen knife are ideal for cutting and preparing various ingredients and are particularly durable. The different models of the Solingen knife manufacturers are particularly characterized by their sharpness and robustness. These are clear advantages compared to knives from other manufacturers. That is why they inspire professional and hobby chefs all over the world every day. In our shop you get the perfect kitchen knife for your needs.

    Which kitchen knife do you need?

    There are special kitchen knives for many foods. So which one you need depends on what you want to prepare. Whether you want to purchase an extra knife for every project or whether you want to start with a comprehensive one Knife set from Solingen wanting to equip that includes the most common kitchen knives is of course up to you. However, it makes sense to know which knife shapes are available and what they are suitable for. A Chef's knife from Solingen should not be missing in any household. Whether you want to cut a loaf of bread or a Sunday roll: with one Bread knife from Solingen you succeed in doing this perfectly. This is due to the special serrated edge of the blade, which was invented by Franz Güde from Solingen especially for cutting baked goods.

    Solingen Zöppken

    You can complete your range with additional knives. At Knife sales Rottner You will therefore find, for example, small paring knives that are in the Solingen dialect "Zöppken" and are ideal for peeling and cutting fruit and vegetables. The small and handy kitchen knife lies comfortably in the hand and is particularly durable thanks to the sharp double bevel and robust workmanship. The small knife, which was invented and perfected in Solingen, is an ideal everyday knife. A cheese lover's kitchen should have one Cheese knife from Solingen not missing and those who frequently prepare meat should not go to a filleting or Carving knife dispense. These are very suitable for the precise cutting of meat and poultry. You can find more special kitchen knives and information about what you can use them for in the online shop of Knife sales Rottner.

    How do I recognize a good Solingen kitchen knife?

    A good quality kitchen knife is characterized by various factors. A kitchen knife should stay sharp for a long time and be easy to sharpen. At the same time, it should have a certain robustness for the respective application. Solingen knife manufacturers therefore only work with high-quality materials, so that, for example, the knife can be sharpened at home without any problems. The steel used is particularly important for a good kitchen knife. Kitchen knife from Solingen For this reason, they are made from high-quality carbon alloys, with the blade and handle being forged from one piece. The use of a special carbon-chromium alloy ensures that the knives are rust-free and particularly robust. In addition, there are knife companies from various Solingen such as the company Güde entire series of knives that are made of damascus steel and therefore prove to be particularly robust.

    Damask knife

    Damascus knife from Solingen can also be found from other knife companies in our online shop. In our Material science learn more about the steels used by Solingen knives and their advantages and disadvantages. We will inform you in our section useful information also about the different Knife types and their application.

    Solingen manufacturer Wüsthof introduces itself and its knives

    Your wide choice

    At Knife sales Rottner you will find Solingen kitchen knives for every need. For example, are you looking for a sturdy knife that is suitable for cutting and peeling fruit and vegetables? You will find a large selection of these with us Solingen paring knives. If you are not yet sure which kitchen knives you need, you can purchase a universal knife or an all-round knife set from us. Do you have any questions about products? Do not hesitate to contact our customer service. We are happy to help.