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The ax, or the hatchet, is one of the oldest tools known to man. More than 10,000 years ago, people from the Neolithic Age were making stone axes from flint in all regions of the then known world. Some individual finds are even over 30,000 years old. Since then this tool has become indispensable for us and from the early days through antiquity and the Middle Ages to our modern times it has experienced various variations for the most diverse applications and needs: as a powerful woodworking and processing device, in art, as a weapon of war, in the slaughterhouse, or as an ax. What has proven itself for so long proves its unbeatable functionality and timelessness. Today we have perfected this tool. Axes Made of high-quality steel from Solingen knife manufacturers are among the top products of their kind.

Axes from Puma

Messervertrieb Rottner offers you Axes the well-known Solingen brand Puma. These tools leave nothing to be desired in terms of quality. The best material and robust workmanship as well as optimal handiness guarantee effective work and satisfactory results. Thanks to the special knob, which is based on the shape of knife handles, the Axes particularly good in the hand and enable a secure hold and precise execution of your work. The double-edged blade can be used to work on both soft and hard wood reliably. The Solingen ax is your competent companion that meets the highest demands, whether at home, at work, camping or on your outdoor tour.

We guarantee quality

Due to our close and long-term cooperation with the Solingen manufactories, we fully support our products and guarantee their outstanding quality. For us at Messervertrieb Rottner, customer satisfaction comes first. That is why our product range not only includes selected, high-quality tools, but we also offer you professional and individual advice. Do you have any questions about buying your ax? Would you like information and recommendations related to your personal needs? We are happy to help you and also advise you on the storage and care of your tools.

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