Material science

Material science

There is something suitable for every occasion Knife from Solingen. Depending on what you need a particular knife for, you should pay attention to whether the knife is suitable for the respective requirements. In the online shop of Knife sales Rottner you can't just find the ideal knife. We also offer you an overview of which knife is perfectly suitable for your needs due to the material used.

The different types of steel and their advantages

Solingen knife are characterized by the fact that they are still handcrafted and assembled from the highest quality materials. The blade and handle are always forged from one piece. Handle scales made of wood, stag horn or bone then complete the knife. The precise work of the Solingen knife manufacturers and the robust materials enable a particularly long service life and long sharpness of the blades.

Which materials are suitable for what?

Knives don't just have to be robust and durable to use. The steel used must also be easy to work with beforehand in order to be able to produce a good knife. So not all types of steel come for Solingen knife in question. Knife steel, for example, has to be able to be hardened well so that the blades can later be easily sharpened by a non-specialist.
Some knife manufacturers in Solingen use special alloys that make the blades very special. You can learn more about the most common materials and their benefits in the following section.

Chromium-molybdenum alloy

Who his kitchenknife For example, if you would like to be cleaned in the dishwasher after cooking, you should make sure that the blade is made of a Chromium-molybdenum alloy consists. The chrome content ensures resistance to rust, while the molybdenum seals the blade and makes it dishwasher-safe. This steel can be used, for example, in high-quality plastic handles, so that you get a handy, light and yet durable kitchen knife. Nevertheless, we recommend that you always clean a knife by hand in order to keep the sharpness of the blade as long as possible.

Carbon steel C75

Purer Carbon steel (or Carbon steel) is not an alloy and is therefore particularly hard. The purity of the blades made of carbon steel enables fine workmanship, which guarantees a robust but flexible knife. This steel is suitable, for example, for small, reliable ones pocket knife.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel are available in different versions, which differ in their composition. Stainless steel 1.4034, 1.4110 and 1.4116 consists of carbon and to some extent of chromium. Therefore, knives made from this steel are hard and cut-resistant as well as corrosion-resistant. This makes them work well as Hunting knife. Knives that are heavily used are often made of such steel.
The Stainless steel 440 C is solid and versatile. Blades made of this steel can be sharpened particularly well, which is why this material is often used for Razor blades or for pocket knife is being used.

Special knife series made of damascus steel

For knife lovers and collectors there are some Solingen knife manufacturer special knife series made of damascus steel.
What is special about blades damask (or Damascus steel) is not only that the blades are a real eye-catcher because of their unique grain. Damascus steel is welded composite steel that is folded several times to create an interesting pattern. At the same time, by folding a single piece of steel several times, the blade remains particularly light without losing its hardness and robustness. Damascus steel was therefore often used in the forging of weapons in the Middle Ages. Today, however, this steel is also becoming more and more interesting for everyday use. kitchenknife made of damascus steel are extremely popular because they look classy, are comparatively light and yet have a high cut resistance. Damascus steel is also characterized by the fact that it does not break under heavy loads. A Solingen knife made of damask is thus a robust, elegant and long-lasting companion that stays sharp for a long time and can meet almost any requirement.

Precisely handcrafted in the Solingen knife manufacturers Blades that are ideal for helping you in the kitchen, camping or hunting. If you have any questions about which knife is best for your project, please do not hesitate to contact the support team Knife sales Rottner to contact.

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